Why You Won’t Catch Us Wearing THIS in Disney World

It might seem trivial, but what you wear to Disney World is just as important to plan as your park days, meals, and souvenir budget.

What you wear to Disney World is IMPORTANT

No, we’re not even talking about fashion. We’re talking about comfort, reliability, and practicality! We’ve made the mistake of wearing the WRONG things to Disney World, and in the process, we’ve found some great alternatives.

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Without further ado, here are some things that we WON’T wear to Disney World along with a great alternative option to help keep you comfy. Let’s go!

You won’t find us wearing anything super constricting in the parks like jeans. Instead, we prefer to keep it comfy with something like this lightweight jumpsuit.


The shorts keep you nice and cool while the comfy fabric ensures you won’t be chafing in all the wrong places.

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Sometimes a bulky backpack or park bag just isn’t it. Instead, we prefer to go with something smaller like a belt bag!


They’re deceptively roomy and we often don’t have any problems keeping everything we need handy and close by.

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If you’re not a fan of jumpsuits, a comfy pair of leggings like this one might do the trick.

Emma in the leggings

We love that the bootcut style fits over our shoes, and these leggings come in so many different colors to match any look!

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Jeans are a no-go, but what if it’s a hot day and we don’t want to wear constricting leggings? We just slap on a pair of these shorts!

We love these shorts!

They’re lightweight, have pockets, and even a zippered pocket in the back for keeping things safe.

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Sometimes, a dress is the comfiest thing we can throw on when we’re spending a day in the parks, but some rides require a bit more decency downstairs. That’s where slip shorts come in!


We love this pack, they’re super comfortable and lightweight for a day of frolicking about.

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You won’t catch us wearing uncomfortable shoes in the parks, either — and certainly never any new ones without breaking them in. We do love these classic Teva sandals, though.


They’re incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and have a second strap so they won’t fly off your foot.

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And there you have it! We hope that this makes planning your next vacation outfits a bit easier. Make sure to follow along for more so that you’re always in the loop.

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