The 5 WORST Places to Park Your Car in Disney World

Not all parking lots at Disney World are created equal!

EPCOT Parking Lot

We know that the experience of parking at Disney World can leave a lot to be desired, and in some situations might even be a pain in the behind. So, to try and help make sure that your next trip is as smooth as possible in that sense, we want to talk about a couple of places that are downright the worst places to park in Disney World.

As we were talking about, there are some parking lots in Disney World that you should just avoid if you have the chance. Here they are:

The Zurg section of the Magic Kingdom parking lot

The thing with this first one is that you really don’t have any control when it comes to parking here or not parking here. It’s basically luck of the draw if you end up landing in the distant Zurg section of the Magic Kingdom parking lot.


If you do end up there, it will mean a lengthy walk, especially since trams don’t service this area. Here’s a pro tip: opt for the Villains tram to Scar for a shorter trek to your car, especially if you’re weary after a long day at Magic Kingdom.

Here’s our complete guide to parking at Disney World

Grand Floridian

If you have a dining reservation at Grand Floridian — good luck trying to find parking! You’ll typically be in for a parking challenge.

Grand Floridian Resort

Often, you’ll find yourself directed across the street to a staff parking lot, which makes for an inconvenient start to your visit to an otherwise elegant resort.

Fort Wilderness

If you’re headed to Fort Wilderness for Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, just be prepared for some serious parking chaos.


The main lot might be filled with oversized camper trucks, making it a struggle to find a space. Make sure to arrive early to allow for extra time to circle the lot in search of an available spot!

Orange & Grapefruit Garages at Disney Springs

The parking garages at Disney Springs are generally pretty convenient especially when considering the mood swings that Florida’s weather goes through, however, there are two in particular that are just generally inconvenient — both the Orange and Grapefruit garages.

Orange Garage in Disney Springs

Both are situated far from the heart of Disney Springs and the places you’re most often trying to get to, so be prepared for some considerable walks. Also, the Grapefruit garage doesn’t have an escalator, so if you’re not prepared, you’ll end up having to navigate some steps or a line to use the elevator.

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Remember, a little planning goes a long way in ensuring a great experience at Disney World. In the meantime, stay tuned to AllEars for more tips and the latest Disney news.

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