Everyone Is Saying People Poop in Line at Disney World – Are the Rumors True?

Over the years, we’ve heard some absolutely WILD rumors about Disney World.


From people believing that Disney controls the weather in the parks with a giant dome to the rumors that Walt Disney’s head and/or body is frozen and hidden beneath Cinderella Castle, there are plenty of things that get spread around that simply aren’t true. And recently, there has been one persistent rumor going around online!

In the past few days, several news stories have been popping up about how Disney guests allegedly…umm…go #2 while waiting in line for rides. These stories seem to be sourced from experiences that former Cast Members have posted online.

Welcome, Foolish Mortals

The gist seems to be that several Disney employees have caught theme park goers defecating while in ride queues. The posts online lead people to believe that this is the kind of thing that happens often — causing custodial staff to perform emergency cleanups frequently. But does it really?

Soarin’ Queue

We visit Disney World every day, and this is a situation that we’ve never come across as regular park visitors. We’ve never witnessed a cleanup for this kind of situation or seen a queue shut down because of it. Most of the news stories we’ve seen written about this phenomenon seem to be based on the experiences of one or two staff members who posted online.

Custodial Cast Members

Now, just because we’ve never seen it happen as visitors doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unheard of. So we reached out to some former Cast Members! We have several people who’ve worked in the parks on our staff and we questioned them to see if this was a common occurrence.

Cast Members in front of a closed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Some of our former Cast Members had never seen or heard of this happening. Others had experienced a “Code H” before, but only in relation to parents leaving behind dirty diapers. But throughout our team (including former attractions Cast Members), no one had directly experienced something like this.

Entrance to TRON queue

So what should you know? Well, people behave inappropriately everywhere you go, even at Disney World. But we don’t want you to think that this is a common occurrence or something that you’re likely to encounter while on your vacation.

The Tree of Life at DAK

And if you experience a bathroom emergency in Disney World, PLEASE don’t be this person. Instead, let a Cast Member know why you need to leave the line and they’ll direct you to the nearest restroom. Some longer, newer queues in Disney World even have bathrooms built in.

Flight of Passage Mid Queue Bathroom Sign Pandora

There you go — hopefully we assuaged your fears about encountering unexpected poop in Disney World. Stay tuned to AllEars for all the Disney news!

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone do in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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