McDonald’s Just Released 62 (!!) NEW Disney100 Happy Meal Toys

We all have our guilty pleasures. Some of us still grab a candy bar at the grocery store checkout line. Some of us can’t stop buying tickets to Disney World. Some of us stop by McDonald’s every so often for a good old cheeseburger and fries.

McDonald’s in Disney World

Speaking of McDonald’s, we’ve got some BIG news. Starting now, McDonald’s has a NEW Happy Meal collection. The best part? Are you sitting down? You can collect 62 Disney 100th Anniversary characters in your Happy Meals! Now THAT is the ultimate challenge.

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, and McDonald’s is ready to help celebrate! Each Happy Meal comes with two mystery characters. Don’t forget, there are 62 total characters, so if you want to collect them all, you might need a little help.


This new Happy Meal collection will be available between October 31st and December 4th.


Here’s a peek at all the characters you can collect.

  1. Elsa
  2. Groot
  3. Mulan
  4. Woody
  5. Minnie mouse
  6. Sulley
  7. Mike Wazowski
  8. Mirabel
  9. Captain Marvel
  10. Mickey Mouse
  11. Grogu
  12. Tiana
  13. Daisy Duck
  14. Shang-Chi
  15. Edna Mode
  16. Simba
  17. Belle
  18. The Mandalorian
  19. Dumbo
  20. Joy
  21. Joe Gardner
  22. Tinkerbell
  23. Ant Man
  24. Olaf
  25. Ms. Marvel
  26. Stitch
  27. Darth Vader
  28. Raya
  29. Goofy
  30. Mrs. Incredible
  31. Ariel
  32. Chewbacca
  33. Peter Pan
  34. The Wasp
  35. Nemo
  36. Snow White
  37. Pocahontas
  38. R2-D2
  39. Loki
  40. Moana
  41. Asha
  42. Buzz Lightyear
  43. Donald Duck
  44. Iron Man
  45. Gamora
  46. Lighting McQueen
  47. Dory
  48. Pongo
  49. Alice
  50. Miguel
  51. Panda Mei
  52. Pluto
  53. Black Panther
  54. Valentino
  55. C-3PO
  56. King Magnifico
  57. Captain America
  58. Maleficent
  59. Genie
  60. Merida
  61. Rey
  62. Star

In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest food news, so stay tuned for more.

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Which Disney Happy Meal toy are you hoping to get? Let us know in the comments!

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8 Replies to “McDonald’s Just Released 62 (!!) NEW Disney100 Happy Meal Toys”

  1. I went yesterday – got a Happy Meal for my granddaughter- got a Disney World poster instead of the toys… what a disappointment for a 4 year old! They can’t be out already!

  2. Mickey mouse Minnie mouse and all the rest you go mcdonald let the challenge begin who will collect them all for a big man fries I love happy meals yes I’m over 60

  3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse,, of course, the Black Panther, Donald and Daisy Duck, Groot, Sully, Mike Waski, don’t know spelling of his last name, will try to get all off them. Thanks for listening. Theresa