This Is the Second Most Important Decision You’ll Make at Disney World

Let’s talk about your upcoming trip to Disney World!

Early morning rope dropping crowds at Hollywood Studios

Between all the travel and planning those dining and Lightning Lane reservations, let’s just say you might be a little stressed out with trying to make sure you’ve got your trip planned out just right. We don’t want you to feel all that stress. That’s why we’re here, so let’s talk about the second most important decision you’ll make at Disney World!

We’ve all been there — You woke up at the crack of dawn, you’ve got your Lightning Lane reservations lined up, and you’re ready to rope drop at Disney World (By “rope drop” we mean to arrive earlier than park opening so you can be one of the FIRST let in). But, hold on a second! There’s a decision lurking just around the corner, and it’s probably the second most important one you’ll make all day. Yes, I’m talking about what happens after you rope drop (it’s like “rope drop part 2”). Because what you do next is as important as that first ride. Here’s why.

This could be the longest line you stand in early in the morning if you rope drop the parks.

Sure, that first ride is pure magic, but it’s the ones that follow that can make or break your Disney experience. With that early entry, you can conquer multiple rides in a heartbeat.

Expedition Everest

One of the best things to do is to think about the rides and experiences that usually have massive lines later in the day and put them at the top of your “rope drop part 2” list. (Maybe it’s another E-ticket ride, meeting your favorite characters, or even a must-see show.)

Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond!

What About Food?

Rides are great and all, but all that early morning Disney magic can work up an appetite, so it’s a good idea to have a rough dining plan in mind.

Crystal Palace

Does your party want to have a character breakfast, a quick bite at a snack stand, or a sit-down meal? Make sure you plan out where you’ll eat and try to have them line up with the locations of those rides you’re going to get on.

Keep the Weather in Mind

Listen, central Florida is basically known for two things —  the sun and the afternoon rain showers.

Disney World weather can change often!

Since the day will only get hotter, and wetter, you’ll want to use those cooler morning hours and lighter crowds to make the most of outdoor attractions. Trust us, standing in endless lines in the sun and rain does not make for the most enjoyable of times.

We’ve seen a lot of rainy days in Disney World

Stay Flexible

While you’re planning for all of this, try not to forget that you’re there to enjoy yourself!

Winnie the Pooh meet and greet!

Disney World is all about embracing the magic of the moment, so don’t be afraid to tweak your plan especially if you spot a surprisingly short line or an unexpected character interaction. Flexibility is the name of the game!

While rope dropping at Disney World can be an absolute blast, don’t underestimate the importance of what comes next. Make those plans about which attractions to hit, when to refuel, how to stay cool and avoid the crowds, and when to just go with the flow. So keep that in mind on your next Disney World trip — and stay tuned to AllEars for more tips!

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What are your favorite things to do after rope-dropping at Disney World? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Whatever plans you make for a day at Disney World there will be a gazillion other people making the exact same plan.