5 Disney World Essentials We NEVER Pack

When packing for any vacation, it can be challenging to pack it all into one suitcase.

Magic Kingdom

If you’re flying to Disney World, you’re even more limited on what you can and can’t take with you. We know we don’t like having to pack lots of bulky items that take up all our space (then we can’t pack all our ears). So why not leave some things at home and grab them once you get to Orlando? We’ve found a super easy and convenient way to grab the items we need and we think you’ll love it, too!

You won’t find Kroger supermarkets in Central Florida, but we bet you didn’t know Kroger has a fulfillment center where you can get deliveries straight to your Disney World hotel! This is a great way to get those essentials you decided didn’t fit in your bag at a low cost and efficient way.

Kroger Delivery Truck

We thought of five things that we don’t pack for Disney World, but instead order from Kroger using their convenient app!

Kroger delivers to Disney World hotels!

Kids Supplies

Diapers, swimmers, pull-ups, and wipes are all bulky items to have to pack in a suitcase. So why not pack just a few for the trip down and then grab what you need for the length of your stay once you’re all settled into your hotel?

These can be bulky in your suitcase!

It’s simple to do, all you have to do is download the app, add your Disney World hotel address as your delivery location, pick out the diapers you need (don’t forget swim diapers — they’re required in Disney World pools!), and then add them to your cart.

Need some diapers?

We got wipes, Pull-ups, Little Swimmers, and even some apple sauces for the kiddos!

Kids are ready to go!

It was super easy and we were all set with the essentials for the kids!

Everyday Essentials

Oftentimes, people aren’t able to pack items like full-sized sunscreens even though they know they’re going to need them in Florida. Kroger makes it easy to get it!

Get your sunscreen!

They also have medicines like Advil available for when your legs are aching from all the walking you’ve been doing!


A great way to lower your spending at Disney World is to purchase a few things outside of the parks. Buying breakfast supplies that you can eat in your room before you head to Magic Kingdom is a great idea!

Can’t forget the coffee!

They have a very wide variety of breakfast options, even fresh items like these muffins! We definitely aren’t going to pack breakfast in our luggage, and this will save us quite a bit of money, too.


Not only can you buy breakfast, but also some snack items to take with you into the parks! Bring some small food items in your park bag to help you cut costs while in the parks.

All the snacks!

Disney lets you bring food items into the parks, so you could toss these into a small cooler and head out for the day. Or they can be waiting for you back in your room when you take a mid-afternoon break.


Using the Kroger Grocery delivery would be a great way to stock up on your favorite drinks or water for your long days in the parks — and to enjoy in your hotel room.

Don’t forget to drink water!

You could get some Gatorade, iced tea, or water to take with you in the parks to prevent yourself from having to always buy drinks while you’re there. This would save you space in your luggage and money in the parks!

The Kroger app is great to use! Once you have everything in your cart, you can set a time you want it to be delivered and add delivery instructions, then check out. There is a small delivery fee of $9.95 ($6.95 if you get delivery Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!) unless you have a Kroger Boost membership, then delivery is free.

Select your delivery time

You can also have it delivered to Bell Services for an additional fee charged to you by Disney, but we noticed things go more smoothly if you are present for the pick-up. If you want Bell Service to accept your items, you’ll have to be sure to select the box that says you do not need to be present.

Select the “I accept that I do not need to be present when my groceries are delivered” box

You can order a plethora of items to include some alcoholic beverages (you must be present to accept those items). This is different than Instacart. They are Kroger employees who pack and deliver your items, so tips are not allowed for the drivers.

This is a great service!

Most commonly they see breakfast items and water being delivered to the Disney World resorts, but as you can see, there are many goodies you can get. We hope this helps make your trip and packing a little more convenient!

Get $15 off your first 3 deliveries in Florida!

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7 Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Disney Parks Bag

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What will you buy for delivery using the Kroger app? Let us know in the comments!

Note: This post is sponsored by Kroger.

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