ALERT! A Popular EPCOT Experience Returns After 3-Year Closure

Did you know that not ALL Disney experiences have returned since the 2020 closures?

Not too bad here

Over in EPCOT‘s Japan Pavilion, the Akoya Pearls experience inside the Mitsukoshi store has been closed for several years. But it’s recently reopened its doors, and we headed over to finally experience it once again!

Not familiar with this experience? We’ll recap what it’s all about.

For $18.78, a guest can choose an oyster to be cracked open, and they’ll get to keep the pearl(s) inside! It’s a very lively event, as the Cast Member will invite the guest to count to three in Japanese, then break open the pearl.

Akoya Pearls Demonstration

The Cast Member will then rinse the pearl and set it in sand to measure and show you its size. It’s followed by a short drumming celebration ceremony!

Placed in sand

You can choose to just have your pearl put in some pretty sand in a small jar to take home for an additional $4.95

So pretty!

…or you can choose to have the pearl turned into some jewelry that’s been pre-prepared for a variety of prices (but this option isn’t made available until 1PM each day).

Jewelry options

We’re so thrilled to have this exciting experience back in EPCOT! In other park news, EPCOT is already preparing for its next festival, and 4 items are disappearing soon, so grab them ASAP.

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Have you ever experienced this in EPCOT? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Replies to “ALERT! A Popular EPCOT Experience Returns After 3-Year Closure”

  1. I have never experienced this but remember the divers going down into pond to get the pearls and was saddened to hear it was no longer available. Now that it has returned, I plan to take advantage of it when we go in November!!!!

  2. We haven’t done it at Disney, but my daughter did it at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It’s not really my thing, but it was a fun cheap souvenir.

  3. I am so excited! My daughter and I have done this many times even getting a few blue or silver pearls and once twins for earrings. This is a great souvenir! The presentation is so fun!

  4. We were just there on 2/16 and it was very fun, but they only have 1 station for now so it moved very slowly. When we did it preCovid the had 5 or 6 stations so it moved much quicker.