Show Off Your Love of “The Child” with New “Mandalorian” Collection by BlackMilk Clothing

Baby Yoda. So cute. So mysterious. So hot right now.

Yaaaaas! ©Lucasfilm

That’s why the must-have design this winter is this new collection by BlackMilk Clothing. Wear The Child, you will.

Our fashion show begins with this The Child-Inspired Overall Romper.

Playful and fun, just like an alien toddler. © Disney

It also includes a design on the inside, for the casual space mechanic look.

Perfect for working on your X-Wing. © Disney

Next is this Top and Skirt Combo, allowing you to mix and match for your perfect outfit.

A casual, sporty look for hunting bounties. © Disney

You can also pair this Tie Front Top with your favorite pair of jeans or beskar armor (you know, whichever).

TIEs aren’t just for the Empire anymore. © Disney

Next is the Instant Photo Print Sundress. Travel back to the 1980s with this picture perfect dress, covered in prints of the hottest face in fashion.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so this dress is worth a couple novels at least. © Disney

Finally, tie your look together with these leggings. They work as both an accent and pants, for maximum versatility.

I’m just realizing I missed the opportunity for a “May the Shorts Be With You” joke earlier. © Disney

See the collection here! Seriously, if you need more of The Child in your life, why not just wear him everywhere all the time? 😉

Will you be sporting the latest in The Child fashion? Let us know in the comments! 

Austin Lang is an Orlando local with a love of Disney, puns, and Disney puns. He's been a contributing writer for AllEars since 2019, and has been sharing his quirky view of Disney life ever since.

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