Today We Say Goodbye to the Muppets in Magic Kingdom (and We’re Sad.)

Hear ye, hear ye! We are sad to say that TODAY the curtain will close on the Muppets in Magic Kingdom.

The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History

That’s right friends, The Muppets Present…Great Moment in American History will have it’s final performance this afternoon.

We’ve had our suspicions for a while, and Disney still hasn’t made an official announcement. But after today, there are no scheduled times for the show in the foreseeable future on the Disney Website or My Disney Experience. So we sadly must accept the show’s fate.

The Muppets Present… premiered three years ago in Liberty Square and featured Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and the gang telling various stories of American Revolutionary History.

Personally, my favorite part was always Sam Eagle’s horrified and disgusted looks as the gang butchered the tale of Paul Revere or the Constitution.

I also adored Miss Piggy as King Georgina — a perfect role for her, honestly.

The final show will take place today at 5:15pm, and TBH we are very sad.

Farewell to ye, The Muppets Presents…Great Moments in American History. We loved you and hope you return some day!

Muppet Vision 3-D

Good thing Muppet-Vision 3-D is still around so we can get our Muppet foolishness fix. (This is the foolishness we like to see.)

Did you ever see The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History? Let us know in the comments!

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18 Replies to “Today We Say Goodbye to the Muppets in Magic Kingdom (and We’re Sad.)”

  1. I’m glad I was able to catch them earlier this year. I raised a Muppet fan in my 5yo and he was thrilled to see Fozzie (his favorite). It felt like you were watching the actual Muppet show live, it was great….

  2. Loved this show! So sorry to see another thoughtful and fun discovery leave. I was so delighted the first time I stumbled upon this and planned my day around returning for the other version. Everything doesn’t have to be princesses and movie tie in. Disney has always been best at the little touches that all ages can appreciate.

  3. This is so sad my son absolutely loves Kermit. And this was such an enjoyable show. I only hope Disney brings back the gang in another show

  4. Sad to hear this. We always loved the show. They should have found a permanent spot for them. Perhaps redo the Hall of Presidents and put in a historical Muppet’s show.

  5. The big question is WHY ! It’s a great show that tells us all about some o our early history. The kids love watching it as well as the adults. This show will be missed. It will be another mistake that Disney has made.

  6. It seems to me they change or cancel things Walt would love and spend billions on lands with 2 rides and not much else to do but buy expensive crap and ridiculous named food which Walt would hate. It’s become 1 gigantic money grab commercial

  7. Whenever I worked at the carts at MK I loved hearing the show. Always loved mouthing along to it, and the guests got a kick out of me and the show when they were waiting in line. I’ll miss it!

  8. I am very disappointed in this decision, but not surprised since Disney management seems to have problems these days with appropriate decisions. My husband and I will definitely miss them. This added a little something to the area that it needed.

  9. My family and I saw it this past July. It was absolutely fantastic it brought back so many memories of the Muppet show. I think taking this out of that part of the park would be tragic. I hope they see the light and bring it back.

  10. I loved the show. I’ve seen it quite a few times and I went to see both versions last Sunday knowing it would be my last chance to see it. I hope Disney brings it back! It can’t cost that much to operate.

  11. We visited the Magic Kingdom for 6 days over Labor Day weekend. We watched the whole show a couple times during our stay. I had no idea at the time that could be our last time seeing it. I truly hope Disney reconsiders ending this adorable production. We always made it part of our trip each year

  12. I am so sorry to see the Muppets leave the Magic Kingdom! I loved watching them mangle the Constitution.

    The only problem was that whenever it rained or lightening threatened the show was cancelled. In the summer monsoon season a lot of shows were cancelled.

    Disney bought the rights to The Muppets for a reason. It would be a shame for them to leave a kingdom devoted to Magic.

  13. Sad to hear this news. This was a nice compliment to The Hall of Presidents and brought life into this area of the park. Walt would have loved it. I hope Disney rethinks this decision and brings it back.

  14. Bring them back – that show what Disney needs more of – not billion dollar attractions (although I do love them as well)

    Walt would have loved it simple yet imaginative

    1. Agreed, learning history can be fun. Especially with the Muppets.this took up no doace hardly, was funny , great story and history lesson. And,no waiting in long lines to see this. Bring this back.