Saratoga Springs Leading Lines

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

There are a variety of factors that go into a well-composed photograph. Today we’ll look at leading lines in the form of a walkway. A leading line takes the person viewing the photograph from one point to another even if one point is the edge of the frame.

As usual, I have some examples for you of what doesn’t work and what does.

In this first photo we see a small part of the walkway that one could virtually step onto but it’s not an easy step. It simply does not work.


Next, the walkway is clear at the beginning and guides along. Sure, that lampost feels like it just cut us off but we can see the continuing path. This image is alright.


Now, having seen these 2 images, what do you think the 3rd photograph would look like and why? Feedback is great in helping me determine what level you folks are at in your photography and gives me ideas for future blogs.

Yep, I’m on Facebook.

I’m delighted that so many of you responded! Thank you. I’m even happier to know you have learned about leading lines and composition form all of our blogs (but mostly mine).

By moving right, the lamp post jumps out of the walkway so your eyes can visually wander down the path. You can also follow the curve of the shrubs on the left that wind out and in to the walkway.

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6 Replies to “Saratoga Springs Leading Lines”

  1. Might it be possible to move yourself even further to the right? Set up the shot so the sidewalk begins in the center or on the left of the photo, the lamp is more to the side of the photo or even out of the shot entirely, and more of the resort is visible. Isn’t that where the path leads? Or, if there’s a surprise beyond the building, show us where that path goes!

  2. You need to move to the right so the lamp post doesn’t cut through the path, and alter the tilt so the building is more vertical (instead of like the villain’s hideout on an episode of Batman).

    Lisa responds: Batman? The cartoon or Adam West series? LOL

  3. I really want to take a couple steps to the right in your second picture, and retake it with the lamp post a bit more out of the way. Maybe even a couple of steps forward as well. Thanks for the post, and looking forward to picture #3.

  4. I am thinking you would now center the walkway or move to the center, and get the lamp post to the left to focus on the destination.

  5. My guess is that the photographer should stand a little further to the right, so the lamppost is at the left edge of the photograph. The picture is supposed to highlight (or be of) the distance. The walkway is your leading line and the lamppost serves to frame the rest of the shot. Am I right????