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3 Replies to “Old Key West”

  1. As an origianl DVC Old Key West member, my ownership stake is in Bldg 13!, the homes are a combination of 2 and 3 stories. THe rooms are enourmous and the thing that is great is the QUIET. It is relaxed and everyone moves at there own pace. THe pod system of the rooms to pools keeps everything relaxed and no great crowds of people. We will be back in April for our 53rd trip to OKW.

    Scott replies: I have to agree on all counts, Mike. Have a great time on your trip next month.

  2. My family stayed at OKW a few years ago on a free resort upgrade from Disney! I really loved the beautiful and quiet resort!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this beautiful picture! My husband and I are going to Old Key West for the first time next month, so I am really excited to be going here! Are a majority of the buildings 2 stories?

    Scott replies: Amy, it’s been a few years but I believe they are all 2 stories. They are also the biggest rooms of any DVC property. Lots of leg room.