Soarin' Around the World


Imagineer Jason Grandt Gives a Preview


Soarin' Around the World -- Coming 2016

At the D23 Expo, August 2015, it was officially announced that in 2016 Soarin' Around the World will replace the current film. New locations will include the Great Wall of China and Monument Valley (USA). Along with a new film will be upgraded digital technology.

Here is the announcement and a sneak peek at the new film.


Soarin' Around the World opens with brand new projections, technology and a new movie.


"Imagine a wind-through-your-hair flight above The Great Wall of China, a bird’s-eye view of the Sydney Harbor in Australia, gliding around the Matterhorn in Switzerland …

These are among more than a dozen breathtaking ways you’ll be able to experience the wonders of the world when Soarin’ Around the World makes its groundbreaking debut across the globe this summer. The next generation of the popular Soarin’ attraction makes its premiere at the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland this summer as Soaring Over the Horizon.

The next day on June 17, guests at Disney California Adventure park at the Disneyland Resort and Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort will be able to board the exhilarating aerial adventure that immerses you in a multi-sensory experience, complete with stunning sights, spectacular sounds and even subtle scents. "


Soarin' FastPass lineSoarin' Around the World is a FASTPASS+ attraction! Be sure to get one as the lines and wait times for this attraction tend to be very long! The good news is the entire queue is located indoors!

MOTION SENSITIVITY: Folks with motion issues take caution. Although it is a gentle ride, you will be lifted off the ground and there is movement of the seating. In addition, you are right in front of a huge IMax movie screen.

AT LARGE NOTES -- Rob G -- 5/2006 -- I'm 6'2" 400lbs, with a 58 inch waist. I just returned from a week at WDW where among other rides I was able to ride 'Soarin' at Epcot. If you dont know, the ride is a long bench-type seat with armrests dividing up the individual seats with lap belts to hold you in place. I fit pretty snug in between the surrounding armrests and in the event my seatbelt would not have gone around me I'm positive I would've been held in place by my hips and legs. The seatbelt was more then long enough to go around me and the only real problem I had was finding the connector which was at the moment beneath my right side and I could not find the slot and had to ask my mother-in-law to connect it for me. Other then that, I had no problem on the ride and really enjoyed it.
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ASTHMA - There will be new scents however until the attraction opens, we won't know what they are.


Kris writes: We just returned from WDW - the most outstanding attraction we visited this year was Soarin' - what a show! It was (for lack of a better word) awesome. My 5-year-old thought it was pretty cool, and I thought it was absolutely amazing. We used FastPass and only waited in line for about 10 minutes (each time we rode). Don't skip this one!!

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Coral Reef Restaurant - Seafood in a unique setting with floor to ceiling windows of the Seas with Nemo and Friends aquarium.

Garden Grill Restaurant is a unique, circular sit-down restaurant that actually rotates slowly. As the restaurant glides you will be able to look out into the main hall of The Land Pavilion and also catch glimpses of Living With the Land boat ride. The Garden Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with Farmer Mickey and Farmers Chip and Dale.

Sunshine Seasons - The eatery features an open kitchen, five stations and a centralized cashier (think Pepper Market or All Stars/Pop Century Food Court). The wood-fired grill serves rotisserie items, the Soup and Salad station features the freshest herbs and vegetables from The Land greenhouse!

The Asian Wok Shop offers noodle bowls and stir fry including a Mongolian barbecue and wok station. Foods here have a light healthy approach. Look for Black-forest ham and salami, turkey mufuletta and grilled veggie Cuban sandwiches at the Sandwich Shop. Finally, there will be a bakery.


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