Soarin' Around the World -- Coming 2016

At the D23 Expo, August 2015, it was officially announced that in 2016 Soarin' Around the World will replace the current film. New locations will include the Great Wall of China and Monument Valley (USA). Along with a new film will be upgraded digital technology.

Here is the announcement and a sneak peek at the new film.

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The popular "Soarin' Over California" attraction at Disney's California Adventure is also part of the LAND pavilion at Walt Disney World. The grand opening took place May 2005.


This attraction sends you on a sweeping flyover above the wondrous Golden State for a bird's-eye view of the rich landscape and topography. Soarin' is the most recent addition to The Land pavilion at Epcot, complementing the popular pavilion's agriculture and ecology theme.

The unforgettable experience combines cinematic artistry and state-of-the-art motion base technology. You are literally lifted 40 feet inside a giant projection screen dome and completely surrounded with the beauty and wonder of the state of California as their elevated theater seats take them on a scenic tour over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Redwood forests, Napa Valley, Yosemite and more. The free-flight experience intensifies as guests feel the sweeping winds and smell fragrant orange blossoms and pine trees around them.


Soarin' FastPass lineSoarin' is a FASTPASS attraction! Be sure to get one as the lines and wait times for this attraction tend to be very long! The good news is the entire queue is located indoors!

MOTION SENSITIVITY: Folks with motion issues take caution. Although it is a gentle ride, you will be lifted off the ground and there is movement of the seating. In addition, you are right in front of a huge IMax movie screen.

AT LARGE NOTES -- Rob G -- 5/2006 -- I'm 6'2" 400lbs, with a 58 inch waist. I just returned from a week at WDW where among other rides I was able to ride 'Soarin' at Epcot. If you dont know, the ride is a long bench-type seat with armrests dividing up the individual seats with lap belts to hold you in place. I fit pretty snug in between the surrounding armrests and in the event my seatbelt would not have gone around me I'm positive I would've been held in place by my hips and legs. The seatbelt was more then long enough to go around me and the only real problem I had was finding the connector which was at the moment beneath my right side and I could not find the slot and had to ask my mother-in-law to connect it for me. Other then that, I had no problem on the ride and really enjoyed it.
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ASTHMA - Joseph Orosz writes: Several different smells are part of the sensory effects during Soarin'. I think it would be a good idea to mention that it's possible that the chemicals used to produce to aroma's included in the ride may induce asthma attacks if you suffer from asthma. My wife had this happen when she rode the ride and the attack was bad enough that she will no longer ride on this attraction. Personally, I love the ride and am disappointed that I can't share it with her.

Queue Update... On Thursday, July 5, 2007, a section of the queue for Soarin' in Epcot became home to a new, interactive videogame area. It uses motion-detection equipment, heat sensors and computer-generated videos shown on huge screens. You can actually control the games with predetermined body movements. While waiting in this section of the queue, you have the opportunity to play up to five different games. One of the games pits the five sections of the queue against each other in a bird race. You can 'train' your bird by leaning right, left, hard right, and hard left. In "Pop the Blob," you have to try to pop (by clapping your hands) blobs that reveal a picture. When the games were first introduced, the line wasn't intentionally held, but now this section of the queue only advances in between games. This increases the amount of time in between line movement, and this can make you think the attraction is down. But now when the line does move, it moves a greater distance.


Kris writes: We just returned from WDW - the most outstanding attraction we visited this year was Soarin' - what a show! It was (for lack of a better word) awesome. My 5-year-old thought it was pretty cool, and I thought it was absolutely amazing. We used FastPass and only waited in line for about 10 minutes (each time we rode). Don't skip this one!!

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Coral Reef Restaurant - Seafood in a unique setting with floor to ceiling windows of the Seas with Nemo and Friends aquarium.

Garden Grill Restaurant is a unique, circular sit-down restaurant that actually rotates slowly. As the restaurant glides you will be able to look out into the main hall of The Land Pavilion and also catch glimpses of Living With the Land boat ride. The Garden Grill serves dinner with Farmer Mickey and Farmers Chip and Dale. Serving dinner only.

Sunshine Seasons - The eatery features an open kitchen, five new stations and a centralized cashier (think Pepper Market or All Stars/Pop Century Food Court). The wood-fired grill serves rotisserie items, the Soup and Salad station features the freshest herbs and vegetables from The Land greenhouse!

The Asian Wok Shop offers noodle bowls and stir fry including a Mongolian barbecue and wok station. Foods here have a light healthy approach. Look for Black-forest ham and salami, turkey mufuletta and grilled veggie Cuban sandwiches at the Sandwich Shop. Finally, there will be a bakery.


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There is no special live entertainment found in The Land. For more information on Epcot Live Entertainment, visit Steve Soares WDW Entertainment Website.


PreshowOur California correspondent Laura G. describes California Adventure's version of Soarin' Over California as follows:

"Soarin' Over California is an innovative attraction that provides guests with a truly "bird's-eye" view of California. (And I'm not talking brussels sprouts, here!) Guests enter a large enclosed theater with a huge IMAX screen, then sit side-by-side on one of the three rows (10 seats per row) of long bench-like seats, with their legs dangling, and fasten their seat belts. Think of it like a very large Ferris Wheel.

The benches then lift into the air, and scenes from 12 different locations in California are projected on the screen. As you "fly" over places like San Francisco, Yosemite, Palm Springs, and Disneyland, the benches rock a little bit forward and backward to simulate movement, although the seat is quite secure and never feels like you could fall out. There's also the sensation of wind blowing on your face and various scents that complement the scenes you are viewing, like oranges (a la Horizons!) or pine. "The scenery in the movie is beautiful, and it really *does* feel like you're hang-gliding through the air. It's an amazing experience - the only drawback of the ride is that it's not long enough!"

Soarin' in Disneyland's California Adventure!

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