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Disney's Art of Animation Resort offers family suites.

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8.29 / 10

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Reviewed by eric731 Review Date: 09/23/2013

Rating: (4)

Pros= Size of suites. Cast members were very friendly and helped out when needed. Bus service was fantastic and never had to wait a long period of time for a new one to get there.

Con= Atmosphere over all was very average at best. Outside of buildings looked like army barracks then Disney characters slapped on. I also felt the furniture in the rooms was very average at best.

The worst part of the resort had to be the food court. It was horrible. Thank god we only had one meal there. I could not believe the time spent in lines waiting for stuff and then getting back to the table and everything was cold. They need to really think about the way they do things and the food that they serve. It was below average. Even a late night burger and fries where not that good.

We will never stay at this resort again. For the amount of money that we paid for a suite, it should of been a lot better.


Buses,Mousekeeping,Cast Memebers


Food court
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Reviewed by nikkipoooo Review Date: 07/10/2013

Rating: (4)
Not Recommended

I stayed in a Little Mermaid room (building 9) from 7/4/13 through 7/8/13. I've seen all of the conflicting reviews about the distance to the LM section, some saying "It's sooo far" and others saying "It's not that far", and none of those were helpful to me (I was traveling as the only adult with a nearly 6 year old who was without a stroller at WDW for the first time) so I thought I'd post something a little less subjective. I used my jogging app to see how far it actually is to walk from Animation Hall (the back door that opens out to the Big Blue pool gate) to the far end of building 9 in the LM section. It is 0.31 miles, which might be fine for adults, older children, and those with strollers but after even a half day walking around the parks my niece had trouble making it all the way back to the room under her own steam. I also felt absolutely terrible for the luggage service guy, who had to push our bags all the way back to Animation Hall on a regular luggage cart because for some reason they don't have the golf carts for them to use.

Our Mousekeeping was pretty close to awful. I'm a fairly generous tipper, but stopped tipping completely after 2 days of returning to the room to find the bathtub not cleaned, the main wastebasket just dumped, but left with a sticky liner which had trash stuck to it, and really no sign they had even been there except for the sheets tucked and and bedspreads straightened, and a stack of clean washcloths on the vanity.

I'll finish on the high notes...

We enjoyed the food court, and the multiple beverage stations it offered. We never had to wait in line to fill our cups like we've done at other resorts. We never waited behind more than one other guest to order or pay, even at peak mealtimes. I loved the butter chicken with basmati rice I had for lunch the last day.

The attention to detail was simply amazing (even if they did seem to miss some of the larger problems, like only having 3 drawers and 4 hangers due to the fridge taking up half of the dresser) and my niece couldn't wait to take a shower in "Ariel's human stuff". The room was small, an adequate size for a group of 2 or 3 but it might feel quite tight with anything more than that.

I can't complain about the busses. Transportation at WDW is hit or miss no matter where or when I've stayed, but even during the busy holiday weekend we never waited more than 15 minutes for a bus, and only experienced a line with more than one (full) busload of people twice, once coming back to the hotel after the fireworks on the 4th and then going to Downtown Disney at 5pm on Saturday... both were no more or less than what I expected. The one issue I had with transportation is that the bus stops at the parks were all very close to the furthest walks.

The Big Blue pool area is big enough that even when it was very busy it wasn't super crowded, and we were able to find chairs to put our towels and shoes on. The activities were fun for kids from about 4-10, and nearly constant the afternoon we spent there. It must have been too crowded, however, to hear any music under the water, which disappointed my niece.

Overall, my characterization of the hotel is that it's very cute, but I wouldn't stay there again unless I was staying in a Nemo suite. Despite the age appropriate theming, I couldn't recommend it at all for families with children just out of a stroller, due to the extensive walking.


excellent theming, large retail shop, very fast check-in process


size, proximity to everything else, terrible Mousekeeping
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Reviewed by mimmy Review Date: 06/23/2013

Rating: (3)
Not Recommended

We booked five nights in the Little Mermaid section of AOA, but lasted only one. The rooms are ridiculously small for two adults and two children, ages 8 and 6. The room is very,very basic and cheap with a few whimsical accessories/touches that make it even more depressing. The resort itself felt very sterile from the lobby to the grounds - a lot of concrete. The oversized plastic characters are just that, nothing special. The next morning we moved to Port Orleans Riverside. For only a few dollars more a night, we stayed in one of the royal rooms w/ 2 queen beds, double sinks and upscale touches. Even if you are just using the room to sleep and shower, I would spend the extra $10 a night to come back to a resort that actually feels like a resort. AOA does not have a resort like feel at all and none of the "magic" that one should expect from a WDW vacation. We honestly couldn't wait to leave. The vacation started once we switched resorts. (See my review for POR.)

We did eat breakfast in the food court, landscape of flavors, and that was fine. The little interaction we had with the staff was fine as well.


food court, friendly staff


basic rooms, sterile atmosphere, zero resort like feel
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Reviewed by tinkw Review Date: 08/10/2013

Rating: (2)
Not Recommended

The theming of this resort is fabulous with so much attention to detail, it's an animation fan's heaven. Check in was swift and the cast member who checked us in noticed my birthday fell whilst we were there and gave me a birthday button during check in. By the time we got to our room she had forwarded a call from Mickey and Minnie wishing me a happy birthday and sent a card to the room the day before my birthday. That made for a good start but unfortunately that's where the praise ends.

Little Mermaid Rooms -
As previous visitors to Disney Value resorts we are no strangers to the 'long walk' from some parts of the resort to the food hall, although I have to say the walk from Little Mermaid rooms with small children would be complete torture particularly after a day in the parks.

Mousekeeping -
The room was kept tidy although bins were not always emptied and the bath wasn't cleaned daily. Bathroom tissue wasn't always replaced and on one occasion I returned early whilst the room was being cleaned, so to be polite waited for the maid to finish- it took 40 minutes. Now why does it take 40 minutes to empty 3 bins, wipe a sink and bath and tuck in a few bed sheets? By the end of the 2 weeks I could write my name in dust on the furniture - so I did!

The food hall -
Where to begin on this one?
The types of food are a little bit strange and probably not to everyone's taste. I'm not a picky eater by any stretch of the imagination, but the food was the same every day and really who wants Indian based foods for breakfast? What's wrong with the good old traditional Bounty Platter? The quality of the food is also not what you come to expect from Disney.
The lines were long and the cast members clueless about the products they were selling.
On the first day, the ice machine on the beverage isle was clearly broken and as a result the floor was flooded and coned off whilst it was fixed. Later in the holiday, the same machine began churning out ice and wouldn't stop. I witnessed 3 cast member look at it, do nothing and walk away. What happened to Disney's Safety First policy?
As good resort guests, we bought a refillable cup each and used it with our meals, however other guests clearly don't believe they should do this and walked up to the machines, filled a variety of drinking vessels and walked away. Again this was witnessed by cast members who chose not to challenge them. Surely this is theft?????
Coffee pots were often empty as were the creamer machines, so if your a coffee lover, forget it!
As a traveller from the UK I always bring Travellers Cheques, BIG MISTAKE! I got tired of having to explain to cast members what they were and then having to wait whilst they found out what to do with them - resulting in lots of cold meals!

The Pools
The pools at AoA are gated and require your Key to the World to access them. On many occasions I witnessed whole groups of people waiting by the gates for guests with keys to open the gates and then followed them in. Were they really AoA guests? I suspect not!

If this is the future of Disney hotels, I think I will keep a foot in the past thank you very much!

All I can say is thank goodness Pop Century was only over the bridge - as a result I didn't starve, my sanity remained in tact and I still believe in Disney customer service!




Everything else
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Reviewed by nkwyatt Review Date: 09/27/2018

Rating: (1)
Not Recommended

I've stayed at this resort twice -- I did not enjoy either stay. The first visit was shortly after the resort opened and we stayed in a standard room (there is no preferred room option) in the Little Mermaid area of the resort. The walk to/from these buildings was excruciatingly long -- seemed like about 15 minutes which may not be that long to some but......if you forget something and have to return to your room it makes for a very bad experience. Also, the resort refillable mugs are basically useless because there is no quick trip to the foodcourt for a refill -- it's a 15 minute walk minimum. The same is true for a trip to the gift shop. Therefore, when I went back for my second trip, I paid the higher price and stayed in a suite -- again, not a good experience. The design of these rooms can only be described as cluttered. The sofa was not a full-size sofa so it accommodates seating for only 2 guests. The "side chair" is more like a chair you would find at the dining table and is not conducive for watching TV or resting. The table and chairs take up most of the entry way and cannot be used if the Murphy bed is down. The "kitchenette" is tiny and right in the middle of the living area. Guests who will be sleeping on the pullouts have no place to store their luggage other than right in the middle of the living area. The side tables in the living area were tiny and useless. To put it mildly, we hated this resort and hope never to stay there again.


Sadly, I can't find much that is positive to say about Art of Animation. The airline check-in personnel were friendly and efficient.


Everything -- crowded rooms; long walks to/from the foodcourt, buses, gift shops. Poor selections/not much variety in the foodcourt.
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Reviewed by Missymouse18 Review Date: 06/23/2013

Rating: (0)

We stayed at PoP Century this year and strolled across the bridge to peak at AoA. We LOVED it! We are hoping to stay there for our 2014 WDW trip. It was amazingly Disney-fied and so "showy." Can't wait to stay so that I can write a real review!



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