Disney Pic of the Week – Italy

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Before we get started, allow me to point out that I’m still without the programs I normally use (my computer died) and am using a combination of HP Photosmart Premier for very limited editing and Paint to add my copyright.

This week Scott, Barrie, and I invite you to join us in Epcot, specifically at the Italy pavillion. Here you will find a full service restaurant, chocolates and wine for sale, as well as art, perfume, and clothing. Venice is the inspiration for this glimpse of Italia.

Canon EOS 30D and Canon 17-40mm USM L
I used a softening “filter” on HP Photosmart Premier to give the image a dream-like feel.

Neptune, god of the sea, overlooks the pavillion and patiently waits for his table to open at Tutto Italia.

Stay tuned for more photos on Thursday and Saturday.

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One Reply to “Disney Pic of the Week – Italy”

  1. Lisa,

    This might be a good time to try out Picnik.com, Picasa or Photoshop Express.

    I wonder what Neptune recommends at the Tutto Italia. :->


    Lisa responds: Neptune said, “You tell Scott not to eat any of my friends or he’ll be swimming with my enemies.”