RADP Meet – Epcot 3/20/97

Epcot – Future World

March 20, 1997

When RADP'er
Beth (TDC 7 Dwarfs) Floro
received a magical trip to WDW for her birthday,
she just *had* to share the memories with her RADP friends. So
they gathered at the Epcot flagpole on a clear March morning……

Beth's trip report….
"…The moments before the RADP meet,
when I was sitting alone at the Fountainview Cafe, *so* nervous
– "Would anyone show up? Would they find me? Would they like me? Would
I like them? What will we do? What will we talk about?" I set up my little
cardboard RADP sign and people at other tables started to look
at me funny, but nobody asked. Two minutes to go, no sign of "life" –
so out of nervousness, I reached in my bag and pulled out my Minnie
ears. I figured if I was going to feel stupid, I might as well
look stupid. Within 20 seconds of plunking them on my head, 13 RADPers
people showed up around my table!"

How better
to begin the gathering than by meeting RADP's special CM'sMr.
Epcot Guest Services, Whit Elam
…. and the Tower of Terror's
very special Brian Pastor!

RADP "meet" itself – we all walked from the Fountainview
to the flagpole outside the gates to meet up with Barb a/k/a gardenia.
We spent the next half hour taking pictures videos, and laughing talking
all at once. "Where are you from? "

and Donna from Michigan introduced themselves and someone said:
"Oh really, I have family there! Where are you staying? How long have
you been on RADP?"

aka gardenia
shows everyone her Way-Kewl Grand Slam Opening Night
tee shirt! Beth Liles takes her turn writing out the RADP postcard for
Ed Badgers's Site.

passersby to take our picture again and again."

1st row – Left to right: Kenny, Barb aka gardenia, Brian, Beth
2nd row – Don, Pam and Beth Liles, Steve, Donna, Whit
Way back – Andy and Miriam Liles

too soon I was getting tired and had to say goodbye, to head back to
my scooter I had left parked at the Fountainview. As I started
back through the turnstiles, I heard somebody ask Kenny which one was
the "best" one to go through – and he was able to *tell* them!"

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