Saturday, 20th of April 2019 Menu Changes to Lunch/Dinner Menu at Lotus Blossom Cafe

Saturday, April 20th 2019 changes to Lotus Blossom Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Sesame Chicken Salad costchanged from 9.99to 10.49
Soft Drinkscostchanged from 2.99 / $3.29to 3.99 / $4.49
Tsing Taocostchanged from 6.95to 7.75
Plum Winecostchanged from 4.99to 5.50
Vegetarian Stir Frycostchanged from 9.99to 10.95
Foo Beer Draftcostchanged from 7.50to 8.75
Removed Strawberry Smoothiefrom Menu Items
Removed Mango Smoothiefrom Menu Items
Added T-Cha Jasmine Beerto Menu Items
Added Beerto T-Cha Jasmine BeerMenu Categories