2016 Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend

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After a 10K/half marathon race challenge weekend at Walt Disney World followed by a four night Disney cruise, what would you do? How about running a 10K at Disneyland? At least this year we did only the 10K and not the half marathon, too! We had initially not planned to run any of the events … Continue reading "2016 Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend"
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2015 Avengers Half Marathon Weekend – Part 2

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Today our costumes were Princess Captain America (finally able to wear my tiara again!) and Hawkeye. Same costumes we wore last year, but why mess with a good thing? Unlike last year, this year there were actually two people who recognized that I was Princess Captain America. Lee's Hawkeye costume got most of the attention, though. There weren't too many Hawkeyes out there, plus he looked really good (though I told him he was smiling too much. ;-) )
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Trip Planning for a runDisney Race Weekend

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In response to one of my recent half marathon blogs, Kristyn sent this comment: Enjoy your RunDisney posts. I am looking for recommendations on two topics if you can help me, Laura. I am doing my first event this fall at Wine and Dine. Can you do a blog on how you prepare for a … Continue reading "Trip Planning for a runDisney Race Weekend"

2014 Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon

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The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend was held at Disneyland November 14-16. This is a new runDisney event, which of course means it has the “I” word, Inaugural, associated with it. 🙂 All events sold out very quickly, but Lee and I were able to register for the half marathon. This was the third … Continue reading "2014 Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon"