Paradise Pier Hotel Photo Gallery Disneyland Resort

Hotel Exterior

Paradise Pier Sign

Paradise Pier Tower I

Lobby Entrance


Lobby Guest Services

Lobby Looking Up

Lobby View

Goofy Statue

Paradise Theater - Kid's Movie Area

Flounder's Fun & Games I

Flounder's Fun & Games II

Flounder's Fun & Games III

Mickey in Paradise Shop

Beach Comber Club

Concierge Seating I

Concierge Seating II

Concierge Seating III

Concierge Lounge Decor I

Concierge Lounge Decor II

Concierge Beverage Station

Concierge Buffet

Concierge Buffet - Fruit Plate

Concierge Buffet - Pastries

Pool I

Pool II

Pool Area -- Spa and lounge chairs

Pool Area -- Spa

Pool Area -- Aerial View

Water Slide - California Streamin'

Water Slide - Stairs and landing area

Water Slide -- Aerial View

Kid's Pool

Towel supply

Loungers and Umbrellas


Slurpin' USA Pool Bar

Pool Restrooms

Pool Hours Sign

Pool Rules Sign

Poolside Pavilion I

Poolside Pavilion II

Surfside Lounge I

Surfside Lounge II

Surfside Lounge III

Mickey's Beach Workout Room I

Workout Room II