Wandering the Land November 13, 2007

Haunted Mansion Holiday

I know you're curious
To see what's inside
It's what happens
When two holidays collide

It's time for our holiday tale to begin
There's no turning back now
Please come all the way in

Our holiday tale is a tale
that's quite charming

But during this season,
it's sometimes alarming

More rapid than vultures
the Mansion was changed

All was soon covered,
adorned and deranged

Now hurry along
As they say, look alive
This is one holiday you'll want to survive

And now a dark carriage
will take you away
Sit back, rest in peace,
in your black Christmas sleigh

A man-eating plant
makes a wonderful wreath
As long as you don't
get caught in its teeth

On the first day of Christmas my ghoul love gave to me
A star, a brilliant star
For my fortune card tree

A bag full of toys
Jack had slung on his back

They were strange and bizarre
And on the attack

I have a special present just for you!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

We wish you a Scary Christmas
and a Haunted New Year

For now you know what happens
when holidays meet.
You might get a trick, or a holiday treat!