Fans Are FURIOUS About the Newest Hotel Rooms Coming to Disney World

Disney fans are NOT happy about the company’s newest hotel. 

Polynesian Village construction

Earlier this month, Disney released some new concept art of the upcoming Disney Vacation Club Tower at the Polynesian Village Resort. However, these new renderings have NOT been met with the excitement Disney was likely hoping for. 

The Polynesian Village resort is one of Walt Disney World’s original hotels, opening alone with the Contemporary in 1971. Over the last 50+ years, the hotel’s magnificent south seas theming have been a favorite of guests, and led to the Polynesian consistently being one of Disney World’s most popular hotels. 


While the new tower’s design takes some inspiration from the original concept art for the hotel, many fans think it simply looks too different to fit in with the Polynesian they know and love.

As we heard from readers, a few general narratives  began to emerge about the reactions to the building. As our reader Wendy put it, “I feel like it takes away from the charm of the Polynesian. And where are all these extra people going? The parks are crowded on a daily basis with the rooms from all the other resorts.”


Many of our others readers seemed to agree that the new structure takes away from the inherent charm of the Polynesian. Karen said, “Honestly, I don’t really like it. The Poly has a certain charm about it with the low buildings and huts; putting up a city like building kind of takes away from that charm” while Mark was on the same wavelength, saying “I think it’s an eyesore that takes away the ambiance and the back story of the Poly. Like the new FW cabins, it appears to be just another run of the mill hotel with a little dressing. The old saying is, you can’t put lipstick on a pig comes to mind. Sorry, but it’s a disappointment to me.”

Polynesian Village Resort

Reader Shelby pointed out that the new design changes not only the Polynesian, but he aesthetic of the surrounding area as well, saying, “I think the skyline surrounding the seven seas lagoon is completely broken up now.”

Not everyone was against the new design however. Reader Chris was excited, writing “I’m all for it. We usually get a 2-bedroom suite through DVC at other resorts. You can’t do that at the Poly now. Hopefully, we’ll be doing that in the future.”

Polynesian Village Lobby

While reactions to the new tower are negative now, like any other Disney project, we need to experience the expansion once it opens before giving a full opinion. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Polynesian Village updates.

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What do you think of the Polynesian’s new DVC Tower? Let us know in the comments below. 

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7 Replies to “Fans Are FURIOUS About the Newest Hotel Rooms Coming to Disney World”

  1. I know the lobby is Polynesian themed. However, my 1st reaction to the renderings was I thought it looked like the lobby of Bay Lake Tower.
    I’m sorry, but for years now, the plan has seemed to be to use the same basic blueprint/footprint & then try to disguise the sameness with some sort of themeing. You see it in the DVC layouts that came after Old Key West. This addition to Poly seems to follow the same idea. I’m sure a DVC addition could have been designed that felt more like the original concept. The highrises in Waikiki are also beautiful in & of themselves; but that doesn’t mean they feel Polynesian or enhance the shoreline, but there they sit.

  2. In addition to the glaringly different architectural style of the new hotel tower to the original low-thatched buildings, they’ve bulldozed Luau cove. First they took away the magnificent tropical landscaping and waterfall in the lobby. Now they take away the luau, which was as good as many I’ve seen in Hawaii. These two actions have significantly degraded the theming and immersive enjoyment of the Polynesian Resort.

    1. Agree. It used to be such an oasis. Some of us used to stay there to get away from the standard cookie cutter resort style.

  3. I actually think they are elegant and I feel the theming is spot on. I’ve been coming to Disney for over 40 years and adore the Poly. As a DVC member, I have been looking forward to the one bedroom villas. I think they are fresh and fun
    Boo on the haters

  4. Lots of people loving the Island Tower including my family. DVC Resale contracts on Poly have skyrocketed since the new tower was announced last week, so again lots loving it.