The Fatal Flaw of Disney World Popcorn Buckets

You can find some pretty cool Disney souvenirs!

Disney100 Crystal Minnie Mouse

We have our favorites of course. There are creative mouse ears, all kinds of Magic Bands, anything personalizable, and of course all the drink sippers! While many souvenirs are great and serve their purpose well, there’s one item that, while we love them, they can let us down pretty hard.

Those items are popcorn buckets.

Mickey Halloween popcorn bucket

Oh, don’t get us wrong, we love popcorn buckets. The variety of shapes and characters you can get with them is truly unbelievable!


Honestly, who thought to design a bucket as a stagecoach and then put popcorn in it? It’s genius!

Cinderella Carriage Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn buckets make great souvenirs because of all the different designs they come in. But the designs are part of the problem we have. While they’re cute, they don’t really hold a lot of popcorn.

We NEED more popcorn!

We are popcorn fiends! When we have a craving for popcorn we could nearly eat the whole cart out of popcorn. And yet, when you get a popcorn bucket you get just a taste of the delicious, buttery goodness.

Mickey Mouse popcorn bucket

But here is their saving grace, they are refillable! Once you purchase a popcorn bucket, you get discounted refills for the length of your stay! To refill your popcorn bucket, you only have to pay $2.25 as opposed to $6.50 every time you buy a regular popcorn.

The Halloween Popcorn Buckets

So while they don’t hold a lot of popcorn, they do get you refills throughout the duration of your stay! We’ll continue loving the glorious popcorn buckets, but it would be nice to get a bit more popcorn each time. By the way, did you know Disney just dropped a new popcorn bucket in EPCOT? It’s the 100th Anniversary popcorn bucket!

Behold, the 100th Anniversary Popcorn bucket in EPCOT!

We hope you get to enjoy as much popcorn as you want on your trip to Disney World! Their popcorn is so good.

In the meantime, check back to AllEars for more Disney updates!

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