5 Rule Breaks That Could Get You KICKED OUT of Disney World

Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, and in order to keep it that way, there are numerous rules that are set in place.

Cinderella Castle

While some of these rules are pretty self explanatory, there are a few others that might be lesser known! For example, Mickey Mouse can’t sign your arm or any other body parts, you can’t wear Crocs on escalators, and you can’t take balloons into Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These offenses aren’t really all that serious, and a Cast Member will probably just redirect you so that you’ll know not to make the same mistake next time. However, there are a few rules at Disney World that are major offenses in the eyes of Cast Members — and they’ll get you kicked out of the park.

This post is dedicated to five of the most common things that get Disney World guests kicked out of the Parks. Let’s talk about them!

Portraying a Character or Cast Member

This is most commonly seen around Halloween when guests tend to make super realistic costumes portraying Disney characters and Cast Members. So, visitors can’t wear full fur costumes or masks that cover the entire face.

Visitors can’t too closely resemble a Disney World character or Cast Member

Guests also can’t wear costumes that too closely resemble Cast Member costumes — especially if the costume features the Disney World name tag. Of course, you’re still good to dress your little ones up as Disney World Cast Members. Trust us, they probably won’t suspect your 5-year-old of trying to score some inside info! In most cases, they’ll probably just remedy the situation by asking you to change or remove the article(s) of clothing that too closely resemble the ones of Cast Members. If it’s not able to be removed or if the guest fails to cooperate, it could result in getting kicked out of the park or even banned.

Physically or Verbally Assaulting a Cast Member

Obviously, you’re going to get kicked out of Disney World if you physically abuse someone — whether it’s a Cast Member or another guest. However, you could also get kicked out of the parks for verbally assaulting a Cast Member. Yelling, making threats, or using profanity is a sure way to get kicked out.

We love Cast Members!

The thing about this one is that it depends on the Cast Member. Disney World is typically great about advocating for their employees in situations like this, so if a Cast Member feels uncomfortable and wants a guest to be removed (within reason), it’ll more than likely happen. We’ve seen people be removed over dropping the F-Bomb and nothing more. Be nice to Cast Members and you won’t have a problem.

Standing Up On A Ride Or Attraction

Ride and attraction rules are in place for a reason. Disney’s utmost priority is safety, so when safety comes into question, the Cast Members must act accordingly. The fastest way to get kicked out of a Disney park is to threaten the safety of yourself and others, and a super common way to do this is to stand up on rides and attractions, throw things, bring things onto the ride that aren’t allowed, and things along those lines.

Stay seated!

Cast Members CAN and WILL stop a ride if you don’t abide by the rules. In most cases, they HAVE TO, in order to avoid a safety reprimand. Follow the directions that Cast Members give, and stay seated on rides until you’re told otherwise.


At one point, smoking was allowed in Disney parks in designated areas. Now, though, you can’t smoke inside any Disney World park. If you’re caught smoking and don’t cooperate with Cast Members, you’ll probably get the boot.

Magic Kingdom

In many cases, first-time Disney World visitors make the mistake of smoking or vaping and Cast Members are typically very understanding. However, failure to dispose of… whatever you may be smoking… is when the Cast Members won’t play so nicely!

Bringing Weapons Onto Disney World Property

Many Disney World guests have firearms carry permits and even concealed-carry permits. Many guests also regularly carry pocket knives and utility knives. This is totally common and is done often without bad intentions. However, the security guards WILL catch them as you go through security and they WILL be taken from you.

Security at Disney Springs

However, if you don’t cooperate, you’re not going to be allowed into the parks. Also, depending on the Cast Member, you STILL might not be allowed into the parks if you even attempt to go through security with a firearm. Disney is clear on their firearm policies on their website when purchasing a ticket and when booking hotel rooms, so the Cast Members may argue that you don’t have much of an excuse as to why you still have a weapon.

And there you have it! Those are the five most common broken rules at Disney World that result in people being removed from Disney World property. We’ll continue to keep you updated with any and all Disney news, so make sure to follow along for more.

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