13 Things You’ll Regret Not Bringing to Magic Kingdom

What’s on your packing list for your upcoming Disney World trip?

Magic Kingdom

We know there are tons of things to think of when planning, but never fear. We’re here with all the best deals we’ve found on merch and the other essentials that you might need for your upcoming trip to Magic Kingdom. We went ahead and rounded up the best of the best for you! Let’s have a look.

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Let’s dive into the latest Amazon deals we found for you!

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First up, let’s talk about beating the heat. We think these Cooling Towels could help with that!


They come in a four-pack and will stay cool for up to 3 hours!

Click here to save 27% on these Cooling Towels

Now, one of the unfortunate things about the heat is the stickiness we start experiencing. You may want to check out this Comfort Cream to help with all that.


This cream goes on as a lotion and then dries as a powder to absorb your sweat and create an anti-friction layer. Could we ask for more?

Click here to check out this Comfort Cream

You’re almost guaranteed to have summer showers at Disney World, so why not check out these Rain Ponchos for Adults and Kids to wear on your next trip to Disney?


They’re lightweight, easy to slip on and off, which makes them great for the parks.

Click here to save up to 25% on these Rain Ponchos for Adults and Kids

Have you already planned on how you’ll carry those park essentials? Maybe a Mini Belt Bag could be the one for you!


It can be carried as a crossbody bag, a shoulder bag, right on your waist, or even as a handbag. It’s all up to you.

Click here to save 29% on this Mini Belt Bag

While you’re at Magic Kingdom, the last thing you’re going to want to worry about is wearing heavy clothing with all the walking you’ll be doing, so why not consider this 3-Pack Workout Shorts for the win?


They’ll help you stay cool and comfortable for the entire time.  

Click here to save up to 20% on these 3-Pack Workout Shorts

On the topic of beating the heat, here’s a pretty great option. Check out this Portable Neck Fan!


Depending on what fan speed you use, you might even get up to 16 hours of cooling!

Click here to save 20% on this Portable Neck Fan

What to do when multiple members of your party are low on power? How about checking out this MulitCharger?


You’ll be able to connect up to 4 devices at the same time, so go on and share that power! And it will even charge your MagicBand+!

Click here to check out this MultiCharger

While we’re talking about the stroller, how about leveling it up with a Universal Baby Stroller Organizer?


This organizer will easily hold your phone and up to 2 insulated cups, so you can go hands-free while strolling the kids through the parks.

Click here to check out this Universal Baby Stroller Organizer

We’ve talked about staying cool, but what about hydration? Having a Collapsible Water Bottle like this one might be a game-changer for you.


This water bottle is super portable and holds up to 20 ounces, which will keep you hydrated throughout the Florida summer.

Click here to save up to 27% on this Collapsible Water Bottle

Now, how are you going to carry and keep your drinks cool? How about with this Insulated Cooler Backpack?


It can hold up to 33 cans, packed meals, snacks, or other necessities, and keep them cool for up to 20 hours!

Click here to save 36% on this Insulated Cooler Backpack

Let’s be honest. You’re going to need to munch on some snacks while you’re there, so why not carry them in these Whiskware Stackable Snack Containers?


They have three containers measuring 1/3 cup, 1 cup, and 1 cup, which is perfect for those portions for fruits and veggies, or other healthy snacks, and they celebrate your favorite Disney characters too!

Click here to save 11% on these Whiskware Stackable Snack Containers

And while you’re roaming Magic Kingdom, don’t let your devices run out of power by using this Portable 15000mAh Power Bank!


This thin power bank has hours’ worth of charging capacity, enough to top up your phones or headphones multiple times. 

Click here to save 33% on this Portable 15000mAh Power Bank

Lastly, you’ll need a bag to carry all of those essentials, so why not consider this Loungefly Disney Cinderella Castle Mini Backpack?


It’s a great bag for carrying your daily things and showing off that love for Cinderella while at Magic Kingdom.

Click here to grab this Loungefly Disney Cinderella Castle Mini Backpack

And while you’re in the planning mood for your next trip to Magic Kingdom, why don’t you check out the link below to find out more on the best walking shoes for Disney World? In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest and greatest recommendations and more Disney news!

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