AllEars TV: The World’s Most EMBARRASSING Fan Base?

Serious question: would you date a Lord of the Rings mega-fan? Not just a casual, “Sure I saw the movies” fan but like a “I dress up like the characters and own replicas of film-used props” fan? Maybe hairy-footed hobbits are a little too rich for your blood, but chances are, if you’re in a relationship, you’re dating or married to either a Harry Potter, Marvel or Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Is that cool or nah? It can be difficult to watch your loved ones  let loose and nerd out about their fandoms. At best it’s annoying. At worst? It can be downright grotesque. Our big question for today’s episode of RTT? What is The World’s Most EMBARRASSING Fan Base?

Click Below to RTT You Were a Part of the World’s Most EMBARRASSING Fan Base!

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