Adventureland Just Can’t Be Stopped in the AllEars Team Quest!

We are a WEEK into the AllEars Team Quest, a virtual scavenger hunt where YOU can determine which of the four teams gets the most points!

AllEars Team Quest

Every day, we’ve had the four teams participate in tasks across our social accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with teams gaining points for participation and who is the fastest!

Here’s the point breakdown so far!


Team Adventureland


Team Frontierland


Team Fantasyland


Team Tomorrowland


Yesterday’s Points 4 4 4 3
Today’s Points 4 2 0 2
TOTAL POINTS 42 22 16 18

Team Adventureland came in for the win AGAIN in today’s challenge, answering first on Facebook and bringing in the most entries overall, with 40 pictures! Adventureland came in with a large lead over second place, Team Frontierland, who had 22 entries across all platforms.

So, who got the bonus points for being FIRST on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Well, Team Adventureland, Team Frontierland, and Team Fantasyland, these are the folks you have to thank for your bonuses!

Over on Instagram, @savannah_jade grabbed the bonus point by posting first for Team Tomorrowland!

©Instagram @savannah_jade

On Facebook, Lori Patton got an extra point for Team Adventureland with her impressive Minnie Ears collection!

©Lori Patton Facebook

And on Twitter, Paula Hunt snagged a bonus for Team Tomorrowland with these adorable Woody-inspired Ears!

©Paula Hunt Twitter

And when it comes to Minnie Ears pics, we can’t help but share a few of our absolute favorites!
We are SO impressed by this Steamboat Willie hat from Instagram user @cheyetown for Team Tomorrowland.
©Instagram @cheyetown

Meanwhile, on Facebook, we’re taking notes on this adorable storage method that Julie has for her Ears!

©Julie Parrish Rider on Facebook

And how AWESOME is this collection from Elaine (@1982asutrumpets) on Twitter?! Look at that Cheshire Cat one in the top right!

©Twitter @1982asutrumpets
Keep checking out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the next task, which will be happening tomorrow night! What’ll it be? We’re gonna be asking you to show us a PIC WITH A PRINCESS! So get your pictures ready for tomorrow’s quest!

How’s your team doing? Let us know what team you’re repping in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “Adventureland Just Can’t Be Stopped in the AllEars Team Quest!”

  1. Hi Molly! I can’t see Tomorrowland in the chart above. I think we were at 16 before today’s challenge so we should be more today now right? I definitely posted one for today lol! This has been so fun! Great idea!!

    1. Hi Gia! Tomorrowland should be in the right most column — the total points are 18 right now! 🙂