From AllEars TV: Everything You Need to Know About MagicBands!

If you’re new to Walt Disney World vacationing or it’s been a long time since your last visit, the term “MagicBand” might seem pretty fantastical to you.

Halloween Party MagicBand

What is this clever, colorful band with magical powers? Why do I want one? How do I get one? Just how magical is it? We know: it’s a lot.

That’s why AllEars TV is bringing you MagicBand 101 — everything you need to know about the Walt Disney World device that lets you pay for souvenirs and meals, enter the FastPass+ line, and open your Resort hotel room door — all with a simple swipe!

And when you’re done learning everything you need to know about the MagicBand, browse AllEars TV on YouTube to see what else we’re sharing!


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2 Replies to “From AllEars TV: Everything You Need to Know About MagicBands!”

  1. I wish they would stop touting magic bands as all-in-one, as they are really not. Yes they do have a lot of pros, but they don’t contain all the info one might need, and still necessitate carrying a wallet, i.e: If you look like you’re under 21, but are not, you’ll still need your id; if you’re a tables in wonderland member you still need your hard TIW card, and the same goes for annual pass and DVC discounts – we were told by a gift shop cast-member they need to see the hard card for any discounts. So the moral of the story is, they’re slightly misleading.

    1. Rob, I agree with you. Even though we link our Disney Visa Rewards card as method of payment on our MagicBand account, you would think that the Disney restaurant system would recognize that you are eligible for the 10% discount. It’s not a huge problem to pull out the actual Chase Visa card, but I can’t help but believe if Disney really wanted guests to benefit from the offered discounts, they could easily program the discounts into the system.