Roping Cowboy in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Beau Rangler roping up some young'uns on Sunset Blvd. in Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Beau Rangler roping up some young’uns on Sunset Blvd.
Nikon D700/Sigma 15mm, 1/125s, f/16, ISO 720, EV 0.

Photographed a new to me Citizens of Hollywood character going by the name of Beau Rangler doing some fancy roping tricks on Sunset Blvd. in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The kids did not seem to mind. Anyone know this guy’s story? I had to skedaddle to a galaxy far, far away before I could talk to him.

A sunny scene for the Disney Pic of the Week on Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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2 Replies to “Roping Cowboy in Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. We saw him while we were there this past September.I have a picture of him and my daughter while he was doing the rope trick as pictured above. She says Beau Rangler is her favorite Citizens of Hollywood character, and she is 24!.

  2. We saw him in the Street show the “Bachelor Game”. He was really funny!! Didn’t see him walking the street though – would’ve loved to get a picture like this! 🙂

    Scott replies: So, he’s a bachelor. The plot thickens.