Focus on Disney World – Where in the World? #1

The magic is in the details.

A visit to Disney World is like no other experience. From the moment you arrive you are engulfed by the atmosphere. Seems like every step you take provides a new treat for your senses, from the sound of beating drums to the sight of spectacular colors in every direction. There’s so much to absorb that your brain focuses on the big picture rather than on the details. And that’s the plan – Imagineers don’t just create a set for us to look at, they immerse us in the set so that we actually feel something magical. For them it’s is all about the detail. It wasn’t until I started photographing Disney World that I really began to see the amazing intricacies of their work.

Let’s see how well you focus on the details. Each week I’ll post a photo of some small bit of Disney World. See if you can figure out where it comes from. The following week I’ll let you know the answer. Let’s start.

Where in the world is this?
Where in the world is this?

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