Splash Mountain and Epcot’s Kidcot Fun Stops added to Play Disney Parks App

Two brand new experiences have been added to to the Play Disney Parks app. Look for these additions the next time you are in the queue for Magic Kingdom‘s Splash Mountain, or completing the Kidcot Fun Stops in Epcot.

Additions to Play DIsney Parks App ©Disney

Both additions are presented by Disney’s strategic partner Ziploc.

Splash Mountain on Play Disney Parks App

Splash Mountain‘s addition to the app is called Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day. You and your friends and family can play a series of Splash Mountain-themed mini-games starring characters from the attraction. As you complete the challenges you’ll be rewarded with special photo frames for your photos.

Splash Mountain in Frontierland

Kidcot Fun Stops in Epcot on Play Disney Parks App

As you and your family tour Epcot‘s World Showcase you can look for physical jigsaw puzzle pieces in all 11 pavilions. Once you have completed a pavilion’s puzzle hunt through the app, you will be rewarded with digital jigsaw puzzles and special photo frames themed to each pavilion to remember your trip around the world. This is a companion, not a replacement for, the existing Kidcot Fun Stop activities in the park.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Disney shared the following video to preview the two new experiences.

You can find the Play Disney Parks app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Have you downloaded and started using the Plays Disney Parks app yet? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Splash Mountain and Epcot’s Kidcot Fun Stops added to Play Disney Parks App”

  1. I will have to see if my daughter is interested. Epcot is her favorite park and she loves learning about each country. Because we go every year if not more some countries have not changed anything in years. She might like something new.

  2. Instead of letting your kid learn about the history and culture of each country in EPCOT, just hand them your phone and let them play a kiddy game. Why even take your kid to EPCOT if that’s the case?