More Epcot Yesterland: Rainbow Tunnel

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Looking through old prints for this week’s Epcot Yesterland topic, I came across this photo of my daughters from 1998 in the Rainbow Tunnel or Corridor. This area was called ImageWorks and had all kinds of interactive activities for guests to enjoy.

Young guests in the Rainbow Tunnel in Epcot's Journey Into Imagination pavilion from 1998, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Young guests in the ImageWork’s Rainbow Tunnel in Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination pavilion from 1998.

Did you take a photo like this? I did not have a tripod with me back then so the colors are very muted here. Guessing I was using my trusty Nikon 8008s film SLR here with a 50mm lens.

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One Reply to “More Epcot Yesterland: Rainbow Tunnel”

  1. We have a family picture here too! Probably more than one. I’m hoping to find some when I take a trip home & get them all scanned. Thanks for the memory!

    Scott replies: You’re welcome, Stephanie!