All Ears Trading Cards 12/11/11- December to Remember Celebration

Our final day takes place in Epcot!

We have 2 new Trading Cards which will debut today!

At the (sold out) Everything’s Just Ducky event, featuring Disney artist Don “Ducky” Williams we debut a special card of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. Ducky did much of the artwork for Tony’s!


Our grand finale, is Deb’s annual (sold out) IllumiNations Party!


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all our new Trading Cards.

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2 Replies to “All Ears Trading Cards 12/11/11- December to Remember Celebration”

  1. Hi Deb,

    Will you be offering the trading cards in the future with a donation?

    DEB: Yes, I will. Probably in early March. Have to restock from December to Remember.

  2. Where can I get trading cards?

    ALLEARS: either at an AllEars meet or periodically, Deb offers them as a fundraiser for her fight against breast cancer.