Photo Album – Character Masquerade

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

If you’re like me, every once in awhile you pull out the old photo albums and relive those happy times from yesteryear. Tonight I was enjoying a solo trip I made to Walt Disney World over Thanksgiving in 2003.

Why a solo trip over Thanksgiving? Two simple reasons: my friend cancelled on me and I was avoiding being pulled in separate directions from both sides of my family.

What I recall of this show in EPCOT’s Italy pavillion was that it felt both eerie and fantastical at the same time. Character Masquerade was a tiny glimpse of Carnevale, The performers never spoke verbally but used body language to convey messages. They were very accomodating and posed for photographs, as you can see.

They began by making a grand entrance in the center stage.

One by one, they descended the steps and made their way into the audience all the while poised and moving gracefully.

While I’m afraid of clowns, this mask scared me more than the jester-looking gentleman.

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