Wednesday, 12th of December 2018 Menu Changes to Breakfast Menu at Centertown Market

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Wednesday, December 12th 2018 changes to Centertown Market Breakfast Menu

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Removed Mickey or Minnie Cupcakefrom Menu Items
Removed Chocolate Crème Tartfrom Menu Items
Removed Tropical Tartfrom Menu Items
Removed Chocolate Browniefrom Menu Items
Added Caffe Mochato Menu Items
Added Caffe Latteto Menu Items
Added Cappuccinoto Menu Items
Added Caffe Americanoto Menu Items
Added Frozen Virgin Tropical Coladato Menu Items
Added Coffeesto Caffe MochaMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto Caffe LatteMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto CappuccinoMenu Categories
Added Coffeesto Caffe AmericanoMenu Categories
Added Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)to Frozen Virgin Tropical ColadaMenu Categories