Monday, 8th of July 2019 Menu Changes to All Day Menu at Gran Destino Tower In-Room Dining

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Monday, July 8th 2019 changes to Gran Destino Tower In-Room Dining All Day Menu

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Added Americanto Cuisines
Added Other/Ethnicto Cuisines
Added Fruit Plateto Menu Items
Added Overnight Oatsto Menu Items
Added Whole Fruitto Menu Items
Added Continental Breakfastto Menu Items
Added American Breakfastto Menu Items
Added Open-faced Omeletto Menu Items
Added Smoked Salmon Toastto Menu Items
Added Pancakesto Menu Items
Added Breakfast Sausageto Menu Items
Added Applewood-smoked Baconto Menu Items
Added Fruit Cupto Menu Items
Added Spanish-fried Potatoesto Menu Items
Added Plain Bagelto Menu Items
Added Multigrain English Muffinto Menu Items
Added Breakfastto Fruit PlateMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Overnight OatsMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Whole FruitMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Continental BreakfastMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto American BreakfastMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Open-faced OmeletMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Smoked Salmon ToastMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto PancakesMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Breakfast SausageMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Applewood-smoked BaconMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Fruit CupMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Spanish-fried PotatoesMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Plain BagelMenu Categories
Added Breakfastto Multigrain English MuffinMenu Categories