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Sunday, April 25th 2021 changes to Ballast Point Lunch/Dinner Menu

Added MOTHERS DAY- Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp and Heirloom Tomato Avail 5/8-5/10to Menu Items
Added 2021 Mother's Dayto MOTHERS DAY- Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp and Heirloom Tomato Avail 5/8-5/10Events

Monday, October 5th 2020 changes to Ballast Point Lunch/Dinner Menu

Added FALL- Pumpkin Down Aleto Menu Items
Added FALL- Short Rib Pot Pieto Menu Items
Added FALL- Pumpkin Down Ale Floatto Menu Items
Added 2020 Fall Treatsto FALL- Pumpkin Down AleEvents
Added 2020 Fall Treatsto FALL- Pumpkin Down Ale FloatEvents

Thursday, April 9th 2020 changes to Ballast Point Lunch/Dinner Menu

Lunch/Dinner Menunoteschanged from Add chicken breast to any salad for $6; add grilled fish for $7. All sandwiches & burgers served with french Add chicken breast to any salad for $6; add grilled fish for $10. All sandwiches & burgers served with french fries.
"R&D Wit" Beer Steamed Musselsnamechanged from "Wahoo" Beer Steamed Musselsto "R&D Wit" Beer Steamed Mussels
Impossible Lettuce Cupsnamechanged from Vegan Lettuce Cupsto Impossible Lettuce Cups
Impossible Lettuce Cupsdescriptionchanged from "impossible" protein, peppers, hoisin, sriracha, garlic, lime, fresno chilis, hydroponic lettuceto Impossible Protein, Peppers, Hoisin, Sriracha, Garlic, Lime, Fresno Chilis, Hydroponic Lettuce
BP Wingsdescriptionchanged from 3 styles, choose 1; spicy Sculpin buffalo glaze with blue cheese sauce; crispy dry rub with southern style comeback sauce; bourbon & brown sugar with smoked harissato choice of one: spicy Sculpin Buffalo Glaze with Blue Cheese Sauce, crispy Dry Rub with Southern-style Comeback Sauce, or Smoked California Amber and Brown Sugar Glaze with Ranch Sauce
Friesdescriptionchanged from hot & crispy or malted with joppie sauceto hot and crispy or Parmesan and Garlic
Kale Caesarnamechanged from Classic Chopped Caesarto Kale Caesar
Kale Caesardescriptionchanged from romaine, garlic focaccia croutons, parmesan cloud, Caesar dressingto Baby Kale, crisp Romaine, Roasted Garlic Focaccia Croutons, Parmesan Crisps, Caesar Dressing
BBQ Flat Breadnamechanged from "Black Marlin" BBQ Flat Breadto BBQ Flat Bread
BBQ Flat Breaddescriptionchanged from andouille sausage, goat cheese, roasted peppers, red onion, arugulato Andouille Sausage, Goat Cheese, Roasted Peppers, Red Onion, Arugula, Pineapple Sculpin BBQ Sauce
"Impossible" Burgernamechanged from Veggie "Impossible" Burgerto "Impossible" Burger
Baja Style Fish Tacoscostchanged from 16to 18
Removed Pretzel Bitesfrom Menu Items
Removed House Made Pimento Cheesefrom Menu Items
Removed Duck Confit Nachosfrom Menu Items
Removed Glazed Pork Bellyfrom Menu Items
Removed Organic Kalefrom Menu Items
Removed BP Wedgefrom Menu Items
Removed Smoked Ham Hock Flat Breadfrom Menu Items
Removed California "Kolsch" Steak Burritofrom Menu Items
Removed Smoked Chicken Wrapfrom Menu Items
Removed Sesame Crusted Ahifrom Menu Items
Removed Sweet Potato & Ricotta Cavatellifrom Menu Items
Removed Creme Brulee Cheesecakefrom Menu Items
Added Beets & Burratato Menu Items
Added Grilled Peaches & Ricottato Menu Items
Added Vanilla Bean Panna Cottato Menu Items
Added Spring Berry Cheesecaketo Menu Items
Added Aloha Burgerto Menu Items
Added Lobster Carbonarato Menu Items
Added California "Kölsch" Steak Burritoto Menu Items
Added Prosciutto & Pesto Flatbreadto Menu Items
Added Bavarian Pretzelto Menu Items
Added Nachos Al Pastorto Menu Items
Added Chicken Pot-Pie Empanadasto Menu Items
Added Ahi Poketo Menu Items
Added Handcrafted Draft Beerto Menu Items
Added Barrel Agedto Menu Items
Added Wineto Menu Items
Added Aqua Pannato Menu Items
Added San Pellegrinoto Menu Items
Added Soup/Saladto Beets & BurrataMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Grilled Peaches & RicottaMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Vanilla Bean Panna CottaMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Spring Berry CheesecakeMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto Aloha BurgerMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Lobster CarbonaraMenu Categories
Added Entreesto California "Kölsch" Steak BurritoMenu Categories
Added Flatbreadsto Prosciutto & Pesto FlatbreadMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Bavarian PretzelMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Nachos Al PastorMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Chicken Pot-Pie EmpanadasMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Ahi PokeMenu Categories
Added Beerto Handcrafted Draft BeerMenu Categories
Added Spiritsto Barrel AgedMenu Categories
Added Wineto WineMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Aqua PannaMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto San PellegrinoMenu Categories

Sunday, January 13th 2019 changes to Ballast Point Lunch/Dinner Menu

Added to Ballast PointMenus
Added Americanto Cuisines
Added Lunch/Dinnerto Meals
Added Pretzel Bitesto Menu Items
Added House Made Pimento Cheeseto Menu Items
Added Duck Confit Nachosto Menu Items
Added "Wahoo" Beer Steamed Musselsto Menu Items
Added Glazed Pork Bellyto Menu Items
Added Vegan Lettuce Cupsto Menu Items
Added BP Wingsto Menu Items
Added Friesto Menu Items
Added Classic Chopped Caesarto Menu Items
Added Organic Kaleto Menu Items
Added BP Wedgeto Menu Items
Added "Black Marlin" BBQ Flat Breadto Menu Items
Added Caramelized Onion & 4 Cheese Flat Breadto Menu Items
Added Smoked Ham Hock Flat Breadto Menu Items
Added The Ballast Point Burgerto Menu Items
Added Smokey Blue Burgerto Menu Items
Added Veggie "Impossible" Burgerto Menu Items
Added California "Kolsch" Steak Burritoto Menu Items
Added Smoked Chicken Wrapto Menu Items
Added Soyrizo & Roasted Cauliflower Tacosto Menu Items
Added Baja Style Fish Tacosto Menu Items
Added Sesame Crusted Ahito Menu Items
Added BP Beer Battered Fish & Chipsto Menu Items
Added Sweet Potato & Ricotta Cavatellito Menu Items
Added Creme Brulee Cheesecaketo Menu Items
Added "Victory at Sea" S'Moresto Menu Items
Added Table Serviceto Service Types
Added Appetizers/Startersto Pretzel BitesMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto House Made Pimento CheeseMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Duck Confit NachosMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto "Wahoo" Beer Steamed MusselsMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Glazed Pork BellyMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto Vegan Lettuce CupsMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto BP WingsMenu Categories
Added Appetizers/Startersto FriesMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Classic Chopped CaesarMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto Organic KaleMenu Categories
Added Soup/Saladto BP WedgeMenu Categories
Added Flatbreadsto "Black Marlin" BBQ Flat BreadMenu Categories
Added Flatbreadsto Caramelized Onion & 4 Cheese Flat BreadMenu Categories
Added Flatbreadsto Smoked Ham Hock Flat BreadMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto The Ballast Point BurgerMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto Smokey Blue BurgerMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto Veggie "Impossible" BurgerMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto California "Kolsch" Steak BurritoMenu Categories
Added Sandwichesto Smoked Chicken WrapMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Soyrizo & Roasted Cauliflower TacosMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Baja Style Fish TacosMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Sesame Crusted AhiMenu Categories
Added Entreesto BP Beer Battered Fish & ChipsMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Sweet Potato & Ricotta CavatelliMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto Creme Brulee CheesecakeMenu Categories
Added Dessertsto "Victory at Sea" S'MoresMenu Categories