One Airport Will Use Biometric Data Instead of Passports in 2024

If you’ve traveled abroad, you probably know how inconvenient the whole passport thing can be.

Do you travel abroad a lot?

From keeping up with the tiny little booklet, to having to dig it out to have it scanned, observed by a live person, and then stamped — it can be a lot to deal with. However, it’s pretty darn important when it comes to security. One airport is mitigating the inconvenience of passport usage by trying something totally new.

According to CNN, Singapore’s Changi Airport will introduce an all-new automated immigration clearance in 2024.


What has been ranked multiple times as the world’s best airport, AND the busiest, will now introduce a passport-free immigration clearance that uses only biometric data.

Biometric data will be used for immigration clearance

What in the James Bond is happening here? Are they scanning eyeballs? Finger prints? Pulling an Apple an utilizing FaceID? We have no clue, but we’re VERY intrigued. Per CNN, Changi already utilizes facial recognition at other locations throughout the airport.

This isn’t necessarily a new concept to Changi!

Currently, Changi Airport seres more than 100 airlines that fly to 400 cities in 100 different countries and territories worldwide. The use of automated immigration clearance as opposed to the passport screening process could cut down on a LOT of time.

It could save some time!

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