Find Out Who Made it to the Finals In the Disney World Ultimate Tournament!

Welcome BACK to our second semifinals game in the Disney World Ultimate Tournament! It might be hard to believe, but we’re just inches away from the FINALS! The bracket is nearly complete, with only a couple of remaining slots to fill!

Tree of Life

As with any trip to Disney World, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t seem to cooperate with your plans — in this instance, it totally poured on our competitors in today’s game!

Today’s semifinal matchup had Lindsay and Alan duking it out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Alan vs. Lindsay!

Check out the semifinal match up for yourselves to see how it all went down in the monsoon!


After checking out the video, we all know that the ultimate winner was…Alan! Despite feeling a bit soggy and damp, he still felt strong after the game!

Congrats, Alan!

That means that the final matchup will be Molly vs Alan! Even Alan will admit that he’s feeling a bit intimidated by the matchup (and was quick to point out that Molly has the distinct advantage of visiting these parks every day of the week), but it looks like he won’t go down without a fight!

How does your bracket match up?

Stay tuned for the FINALS of our ultimate Disney World Tournament! We can’t wait to see who comes out victorious! Will it be Molly or Alan? It’s shaping up to be a real nail biter!

Click here to read our post game report from the other semifinals matchup!

Let us know in the comments who YOU think will win the tournament: Molly or Alan!

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One Reply to “Find Out Who Made it to the Finals In the Disney World Ultimate Tournament!”

  1. I really hope Molly wins!!!!!! She deserves too!!!! She will be devastated if she loses!!!!!!! I hope we get an Epic Molly Victory Dance!!!!!!!