NEW AllEars TV Video: Everything You Need To Know About Disney World’s FastPass

Today, we have debuted another new video for AllEars TV. This video is the first of our new “Disney Basics” series!

AllEars TV

The “Disney Basics” series will be covering everything you need to know about Disney World before you go. From planning your very first Disney trip to ensuring that your Disney days are the best days ever, we have you covered!

In today’s video, our reporter Margeaux  discusses “Everything You Need To Know About Disney World’s FastPass+.”

We hope we are able to share our knowledge to better assist you on your next Disney vacation. Take a look at our Planning section for more helpful information.

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One Reply to “NEW AllEars TV Video: Everything You Need To Know About Disney World’s FastPass”

  1. All I need to know is WDW was a much better place before FastPass.

    And most people don’t know that fastpass does not move one more person through a line in a day than without it. It was implemented to get people out of line so they would spend money shopping and eating. Every analysis done shows people would be able to ride more rides in a day without FastPass.