Disney Pic of the Week: Souvenier – If Money was no Object

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This one came to me rather quickly, so I had to go with it. If money (and space which means more money) were no object I would want the entire Dream Machine with Dreamfinder and Figment in motion!


Well actually if money were NO object at all, I’d like a recreation of the entire original ride in my backyard so when I wanted to smile, I would go learn about Imagination 🙂

What is your dream souvenir if money was no object???!!!

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One Reply to “Disney Pic of the Week: Souvenier – If Money was no Object”

  1. What a wonderful and original choice. As the stash of memories that are no longer repeatable gets greater, the attraction of being able to experience those special moments grows and the sense of loss becomes keener. The scene from World of Motion with the auto-accident and the escaped chickens or the orange groves scene from Horizons are up there but I too would settle for Dreamfinder and Figment.
    Thanks Debs for stirring up the pot of memories is such a pleasurable way.