Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

It lurks in the well-lit shadows of the Tomorrowland Arcade, awaiting players brave enough to tempt fate with a few schillings and fast-action thumbs. Don’t be chicken. Commandeer the pinball machine and beat the high score. However, if gold isn’t what you’re after but rather some “Tada!” worthy photographs, look no further.

Here she sits. Here he sits. Here it sits, the Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine.


There are quite a number of shiny objects inside the reflective covering. Be on the ready as you out-maneuver reflections by ducking and leaning, hovering and stretching over and around the machine. First mate, ISO 800, f5.6 at 1/60 with flash.


Rise up the ranks with macro mode, ISO 800, f6.3, 1/60 with flash. Now there’s a better view. Open the treasure chest, love.


Pirates! Every last one of ’em. Shoot! Wait, the camera is still set to macro and they’re too big for the setting..


Return to normal. Excellent, excellent. Even their skin looks better. Naturally handsome, eh savvy? Good angle, good shot.


Now, where were we headed?


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