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When shooting in low light or after dark at Walt Disney World, I have stressed the use of a tripod to get the best results. However, I understand it is not easy to do so when traveling to and at the parks.

If you have a digital SLR camera, I have another alternative for you called Da Grip. It’s explained in the video by National Geographic photographer, Joe McNally in the link below, on how to hand hold a camera to get you one or two extra stops. I can usually hand hold my camera down to about 1/30th of a second with my lenses before I learned this technique. Now, I have successfully gotten good results down to 1/8th of a second which is two extra shutter stops as Joe explains in the video. On my next trip to WDW, I’ll be putting this technique to the real test!

You might remember I reviewed Joe’s book, The Moment it Clicks, earlier this year. The video is 7 1/2 minutes long and worth your time.

Joe McNally – Da Grip

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