Reflections of Earth


"Good evening, and welcome.

We've gathered here tonight, around the fire,

as people of all lands have gathered for thousands and thousands
of years before us,

to share the light and to share a story

an amazing story, as old as time itself

but still being written.

And though we each of us have our own individual stories to tell

a true adventure emerges when we bring them all together as one.

I hope you enjoy our story tonight --

Reflections of Earth."

Disney's Millennium Celebration debuted the evening show at Epcot called IllumiNations 2000:  Reflections of Earth. It was so popular, that it's been extended indefinitely.

 Fast Facts

  • A 13-minute night-time spectacular on and above World Showcase Lagoon.


  • Earth Globe is the world's first spherical video display system, wrapped in 15,000 LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes).

    IllumiNations 2000
  • 1,105 shells are used for each show; 34 firing positions. Shells come from China, Italy, U.S. and Japan.


  • Shell types: comets, candles, mines, shells, tailed shells, crossettes, scattering bees, whistles, reports/salutes, ground effects, floaters.


  • Four fountain barges each pumping 4,000 gallons of water per minute.


  • A 150,000-pound inferno barge uses 37 nozzles to shoot propane flames skyward.


  • A full color spectrum of lasers, including four custom Disney colors (lagoon blue, mint green, pumpkin orange and lavender).

    IllumiNations 2000

  • Walls of flames and a giant torch climb 40 feet above World Showcase Lagoon.


  • Managing producer John Haupt, show director Don Dorsey, symphonic score composed by Gavin Greenaway.

Each time I see this show I enjoy it more.  It brings back the feeling of the IllumiNations show from the early '90s -- a time when I would plan my day to be sure to be at Epcot at closing time.

The music is innovative and captivating! I purchased the Millennium Celebration CD and listen to it often. It surrounds World Showcase with its magic! Be sure to listen carefully when the narrator begins the show -- it sets the stage for what follows.

IllumiNations 2000

What are Your IllumiNations Viewing Tips?

The spot where we enjoyed watching the show was at Rose and Crown Pub. We made sure we got there early enough to get a front row seat and also enjoy a great meal.  After our meal we ordered a couple of pints and enjoyed the show. (Lawrence and Jennifer Fisher)

My husband and I took our family to WDW in May and we will be going again in August alone for our 10th anniversary! The reason?  IllumiNations 2000 and the Millennium Parade (BEAUTIFUL)! Our favorite spot is right under the speakers on the right of the American Pavilion! We have the CD and listen to it constantly! (smoniz)

IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth is by far my favorite show!  I do have to say that World Showcase Plaza is my favorite viewing point.   I always arrive at the Plaza at about 8:10 with rope drop being at 8:30.  They drop the rope right when the lights come up during Tapestry.  (Jason)

My favorite places to watch the show are as follows. If Epcot is where you are ending your day, then I suggest watching from the bridge at Italy, it has a fantastic view. But, if you are in a rush to see another late show like FANTASMIC! or the Electrical Parade then I suggest next to the 2nd planter to right of the first gift shop at the entrance to the World Showcase. You are close to the action, can feel the fire, you are right next to the speaker, and are close to the exit. ( Michael Peters)

We found a great spot near Paris, a little enclave surrounded by park benches, gave us privacy and a great viewing area for the parade and fireworks as well. (Mark Savitt)IllumiNations 2000 Globe during Daylight

We are in awe at the IllumiNations 2000 fireworks we have seen. We had the best spot going. We rented a pontoon boat for $120.00. We met it at the Yacht Club dock at 8:15p.m. with a bottle of wine and our daughter in tote. The driver (Bobbie) took us around the whole area of water that was nearby.  Then we parked right under the bridge that divides Epcot from the Boardwalk-Yacht Club area. We broke open the bottle of wine and just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed every minute of the show. At the end of the show we were brought back to the Yacht Club dock and off we went with no crowds near by.  Can't wait to do it again.  (Ellie)

Regarding the best spot to see IllumiNations: from a purely practical  viewpoint, we prefer to stand near the entrance to the World Showcase  because when the show is over you can just turn around and sprint for the exit and beat out 95% of the people leaving Epcot at the same time. As the park closes after the show, there's no reason to dawdle, and the parking lot, monorails, and buses all get really congested. (Teresa Anderson)

We decided that we really liked to view IllumiNations 2000 from the bridge on the America side of the Italy island. The only problem with this spot is that it is frequently used for private events. But this is good too because when it isn't being used for private events, people tend to avoid it. (Pam)

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Photos Copyright  Linda Eckwerth and here with her permission.

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