Mission: SPACE WDW At Large

Mission Space, in Epcot, is a ride that spins and creates centrifugal forces. If you get claustrophobic, do NOT ride this. (However, you can bail out up until the time you enter the "capsule," so if you're not sure, check it out.) We rode this twice — both times I was on an outside seat (it seats 4 across) and my size was not an issue — the seat was wide enough. My husband, on an inside seat, did not complain, either. However, when they closed the capsule, it wasn't quite closing. I suspect it might have been my stomach causing this problem. Finally, when they opened and re-closed the capsule, I pushed down on the panel in front of me, and it seemed to catch.

Being a larger person at Disney can be difficult at times, especially on the older attractions. However, it appears that the Imagineers have recognized this and the newer rides are designed to accommodate us. Mission Space is no exception. I have the chance to ride MS yesterday and I wanted to let anyone who had fears about being stuck or not fitting – not to worry. I am a 6'2" 350lb person and I had no trouble at all fitting. In fact it was rather comfortable.