The JAMMitors!

The JAMMItors have been playing Epcot’s Future World well, as long as I can remember. At least since the 1990s!

On a recent trip, I got to enjoy their special brand of music for the entire set. Here are some photographs followed by a (beta test) video of one of their songs. Enjoy









See my October 2008 blog of the JAMMin’ Chefs

According to “Feel the beat of the JAMMitors, the percussion-playing clean-up crew that really cleans up! Using regular trashcans, dustpans, hardhats, flyswatters and more, this trio of custodians are actually percussionists who bang, clap, clip and clomp to your heart’s delight. The JAMMitors show runs approximately 8 minutes and, in addition to percussion, features syncronized choreography that adds to the jammin’ good time. ”

What can you share about when the JAMMitors started playing in Epcot?

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5 Replies to “The JAMMitors!”

  1. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time. I fondly remember watching them 4th of July in 2004 and then seeing them again last year in September. They are definitely very in tune with the little ones and handed out stickers after their performances.

  2. I remember seeing these guys in 1998 for a high school trip. I couldn’t believe they were still there in 2003 on my honeymoon. I looked for these guys each time I’ve gone (5 in all). Thanks for mentioning this neat group.

  3. We saw them for the first time in January. My husband is a janitor and so they made him a Jammitor for the afternoon! They are really fun people!

  4. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Jammitors! We did a quick 2-day trip to the World last weekend for the FGF, and we stumbled across them.

    My Mom was w/us, and she had never seen them.

    Of course, they had MUCH MORE WITH THEM than your video shows. These guys are wild!

    Since it was Spring Break, the college kids were enthralled, and they circled one of the guys when it was over.

    I wish you could have seen these kids’ faces. You had thought they just met Paul McCartney!

    It was neat to watch someone experiencing the Magic for the first time!

    Thanks for posting a video; this review would not have been complete w/out one!