Animal Kingdom


Capybara (means Master of the Grasses) is the largest (they weigh 110-130 pounds) living rodent in existence. Two can be found at the Discovery Island Trails in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Capybara are semi-aquatic and native to South America. They live in small herds near ponds, lakes and rivers, traveling in groups as large as 20. The capybara will dive into the water to escape the jaguar, its predator! The capybara is a good swimmer and the eyes located high on its head enable them to see while swimming.

They are most active in the early morning and evening; although some can be quite nocturnal. They live 8 - 10 years in the wild and are herbivores.

The day I met the Capybaras, one was laying out in the sun, sleeping. The other was enjoying the shade back in a sheltered area. The digital camera really showed its stuff here and you can see the regular, 2x and 4x zoom of the same photo.