African Comb Duck
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African Comb Ducks

Amidst the Discovery Island trails are small ponds, with colorful birds. The African Comb Duck, native to Africa, Asia and South America will travel as much as 2,200 miles when migrating.

Their backs are dark with violet, bronze, purple and green coloring. They nest in hallow trees often near marshes or lagoons. They are tropical and considered peaceful ducks.

Male African Comb DuckThe males have a fleshy knob at the base of the bill, which increases in size during breeding season. The females do not have the "comb" and are smaller. The Comb Duck scientific name (Sarkidiornis melanotos) originates from the Greek, and loosely translates to a black-backed bird with a fleshy knob.


The African Comb Duck has been honored on at least 10 Africa Postage stamps.