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At the Tomorrowland Autopia, kids can get a taste for how it feels to be behind the wheel of a car - anyone tall enough to reach the pedal can drive one of the small, gas-powered cars around the course.


The Tomorrowland Autopia is located at the back of Tomorrowland, between the Monorail station and Innoventions. The queue winds around and over the track, giving guests a good view of the loading area and the cars. The queue is almost entirely out in the open and not shaded, and can get very hot on a sunny day.

From the bridge over the loading area take the steps down to the loading area where a Cast Member will direct you to a car in one of the four lanes. The cars will seat an adult and a child, though kids who meet the height requirement are allowed to drive by themselves. Guests should secure themselves with the seatbelt, and once the track ahead is clear simply push down on the accelerator pedal to make the car go forward. There's no brake, but letting up on the pedal will slow the car down and stop it.

The track has a guide rail in the middle to keep less skilled drivers on course - it can be a challenge to steer and avoid coming into contact with the rail.

The course winds around the lagoon and under the monorail track, with quite a few turns. There's even an off-road dirt section, billboards, and traffic signals. If there's no slow traffic or delays ahead it takes about 5 minutes to complete the course.

Upon returning to the loading area, follow the Cast Member's instructions and park where directed. Make sure the car behind you has stopped before getting out.

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This is a Fastpass attraction, and since the standby wait can be quite long and the line moves slowly, use of Fastpass is highly recommended. The Fastpass machines are located to the right of the entrance up the ramp that looks like the entrance to Innoventions. It's best to ride early in the day.

Drivers must be 52" tall to drive alone. Those who do not meet the height requirement may be passengers only. Children under the age of 12 months should not ride.

Expectant mothers should not ride, and due to the risk of bumping, those with back and neck problems should consider the advisability of riding.

Cars follow along a guide rail and are somewhat difficult to steer. Be aware that inexperienced drivers may stop suddenly in front of you, or inadvertently ram you from behind.

The gasoline fumes can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Wheelchair/ECV users should proceed through the normal queue and take the elevator down to the loading area. They must be ambulatory to ride this attraction, and if driving, must be able to operate the foot pedal.

The closest restrooms are located in the base of the Innoventions building, behind the Hatmosphere shop.

On the right side of the Autopia Winner's Circle shop, located at the attraction's exit, is a classic Autopia car where guests may pose for their own photos.


This attraction is a favorite for many kids who really enjoy the opportunity to drive their own car.

There are no Disney characters associated with this attraction. There are other character Meet and Greet opportunities nearby - check the daily Times Guide for times and locations.


Tomorrowland Terrace - serving burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches, and snacks, is nearby.

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port - offering pizza, pasta, and salads, is around the corner on the other side of Innoventions.

Disneyland Restaurants at a Glance

Autopia Photo Op SHOPPING

Autopia Winner's Circle - Located at the exit of the attraction offers toy cars, road signs, and other merchandise based on the Autopia attraction. There are photo booths where you can get your photo on your very own Autopia license.

Hatmosphere - near the attraction's entrance, featuring Disney character hats including personalized Mickey Mouse ears.


Autopia is an original Disneyland attraction, and opened on July 17, 1955. It is the only original Tomorrowland attraction still open at Disneyland.

There was a major rehab when Chevron took over sponsorship of the Autopia - all of the cars were replaced and the Fantasyland and Tomorrowland Autopia courses were combined into one attraction. The re-vamped Autopia opened on June 29, 2000.


The attraction features 124 different cars in three different designs and various colors. Sparky is a sports car, Suzy is a little coupe, and Dusty is an SUV. The cars have a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour.

For a number of years there were three different Autopia attractions active simultaneously - the original Tomorrowland Autopia, the Junior Autopia (July 1956-December 1958), and Midget Autopia (April 1957-April 1966). After the Junior Autopia closed the Fantasyland Autopia opened in June 1959.

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