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What attractions will be closed during your visit to Disneyland Resort?
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Welcome to our revamped Refurbishments/Closings page!

This list shows which attractions and other Disneyland resort areas are closed for refurbishment (or for some other reason).

The list is organized by theme park and resorts, in order of the start date of the refurbishment projects. You can also customize the page to see those closings that most interest you:

  • Search on the TYPE of refurbishment or closing -- short-term vs permanent closure, for example.

  • Use the Starting Date and Ending Date fields for tailor-made results showing what's closed during your vacation.

  • Choose a particular theme park to get results for just one park.

  • Change the way results are displayed by sorting on Project End Date.

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  4/1/2015 - 2016

Disney California Adventure

Blue Sky Cellar
Pacific Wharf
closed indefinitely
  Early 2015 - 10/2/2015
Luigi's Flying Tires
Cars Land
A new attraction with a new ride system and ride vehicles is scheduled to open in this spot.
  Early 2015 - Early 2016
Muppet*Vision 3D
Hollywood Land (Seasonal Closure)
closed indefinitely due to the Frozen Fun overlay.
  January 2015 - ?