Ride Vehicle Info and Reader Comments Avatar Flight of Passage Pandora – The World of Avatar Animal Kingdom


Avatar Flight of Passage is the newest thrill ride in Disney's Animal Kingdom, found in the land of Pandora – The World of Avatar. You can read more about the attraction HERE and see our Avatar Flight of Passage Photo Gallery HERE.

Avatar Flight of Passage employs a new ride technology with a unique ride vehicle that you straddle in order to experience the ride.

Some of our readers report having had motion issues on this ride; others have had issues fitting on the ride seat. On the whole, though, most do just fine.


CAUTION: This flight is a highly immersive 3-D experience. Those who have a fear of heights should not fly.

HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: Riders must be at least 44" tall.

SUPERVISION: Supervise children at all times. Children under age 7 MUST be accompanied by a person 14 years or older.

WARNING: For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.

WHEELCHAIRS: Must Transfer.

To help you determine whether you can to experience this ride, we have photos of the test vehicle outside of the attraction, two pre-boarding videos and lots of reader comments.

Avatar Flight of Passage
Test Vehicle

NOTE: Some readers have reported that while they did not fit in the test vehicle, they had no issues fitting on the actual ride.

Avatar Flight of Passage Test Vehicle
Avatar Flight of Passage Test Vehicle
Avatar Flight of Passage Test Vehicle

Reader Comments about Avatar Flight of Passage

… from Deb Wills: I suffer with motion sensitivity issues. I am fine on Soarin'. Every now and then Star Tours bothers me, and I cannot do Mission: Space. I have not tried to ride Forbidden Journey at Universal. I took my motion meds the morning before I headed to Animal Kingdom. The first time I rode Flight of Passage I was 95% fine, with only a slight feeling of motion. We were able to ride again right away (I attended a preview) and I shouldn't have done that. The second time I had motion issues that caused me to close my eyes and go into my slow breathing mode. I love the ride and plan to do it many more times, just not twice in the same day!

… from Kyla: First off, just wanted to say thank you for all the info regarding Disney World! I was beyond nervous before going as I was worried I wouldn't fit on anything, but to my delight I had the time of my life. I am 310 pounds and 5' 9". I carry most of my weight around my stomach and have always struggled fitting onto regular coasters, however I had NO problems whatsoever at WDW and fit with ease on everything I went on. In particular, I was lucky enough to be one of the first riders on both Pandora rides and had no problem. The river ride was comfortable and very roomy, and the simulator fit me fine. I cannot express how good the simulator was. I honestly cried whilst on it because it is the most amazing thing. I 100 percent recommend giving this a go. And please if you are large, don't worry about anything. I didn't even feel embarrassed asking staff if i would fit. They are very professional and helpful.

from Robert Ziegler: After reading your article about the banshee ride in Pandora, I wanted to say that if you're over 6 feet tall, it is rather a tight fit on the bike. I'm 6' 6" and there was no way I could fit. My legs didn't go under the handlebars.

… from John Vallus: I'm 6' tall and 230 pounds and I fit on Avatar Flight of Passage just fine. Plenty of room to spare. Very gentle restraint system.

… from Diznegal: About Avatar Flight of Passage: After I mounted the vehicle, it took a few tries to latch the back security plate, but I have rods and screws in my back and while I have never had any problems on any ride, ever, it felt like my spine was going to crack. I am on the plus side so I suspect that's why it was such a tight fit. But then came time to latch the leg harness. My legs are small and thin (not plus-sized) but very short. Try as she might, the cast member could not latch it all the way. She said for me to lift my legs off the floor and dangle them so it would fit properly. I didn't really want to do an ab workout for the length of the ride but I was willing just so I could ride the new ride. As soon as she latched it closed, I got the two worst charleyhorses in my legs. At that point the cast member told me I couldn't ride and I had to get off because the leg device just wasn't on properly. I was so disappointed. I have heard a fair number of people have been turned away and this is the only time at either WDW or Disneyland that I couldn't ride a Disney ride. I plan to send a letter to Disney and hope they can make adjustments so the ride can be more accommodating to a larger audience. I heard from everyone who went that it was the best ride they had ever been on at Disney. I know you will all love it. Just be prepared to be disappointed if you are over-sized.

… alfy: Our early preview was uncrowded and we were able to experience both rides multiple times. There was considerable delay in one instance on the flying ride and a couple of guests had to leave the queue in the 16-person chambers, one due to the heat and claustrophobia and another who couldn't stand up for long without her walker.

… pubal1: The wife gets motion sickness and "almost" didn't get on the ride after 2:45 minute wait, but she did and absolutely loved it. She said she closed her eyes when the banshee would dive down toward the forest grounds or under branches.

…JackieB: Avatar Flight of Passage was very intense. If you are a person of size you may not fit. I fit, but it was tight. I did think I was going to be sick on it. If you have motion issues this ride may not be for you.

Sbinegar1: I am a 5'7 350lb woman. I was able to get on the flights of passage but it was not able to lock me in. I was not able to ride this attraction. I have always loved Disney and never had fears of not fitting until the last few rides they have created in the last few years.

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