Wandering the World

More Magical Moments during the Year of a Million Dreams
from ALL EARS® Readers

After an exhausting morning at the Animal Kingdom, my family decided to grab some lunch at the Tusker House. When my wife returned with our food she had a smile a 'million' miles wide. She proceeded to explain that a dream was granted to her and she received a special celebratory cupcake with our meal! OK, it was only a cupcake, but it made our day and we savored every last bite. Here is a picture of our excited son Ryan with our magical tray of food -- note the special blue upcake on the upper right side. We were very happy to have been treated to such a dream.
-- Dan & Amy Derkowski
My sister, nephew, daughter and I had just rode Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom on our first day in the World and were heading for the first performance of the Nemo show, when a member of the Dream Squad stopped us. She asked us about our shirts, which we had made before leaving home. We explained we were celebrating my retirement and my nephew's graduation from college. After chatting a while, she asked us if we were going to see the Nemo show, and we said we were heading there right now. She said if we could wait until the next show, we could have VIP seating! She gave us a Magical Moment certificate and directions. We had fantastic seats, and best of all, no waiting in line! Thanks Disney, for a truly Magical Moment!

-- Cindy Erdman

We were on our way to the Princess breakfast at Epcot with our three daughters who were all dressed in their princess gowns. As the bus arrived, the driver announced that the royal family only would be allowed to exit the front of the bus, all commoners were to exit from the rear of the bus. As we went out the front of the bus there was a red carpet waiting for the girls with balloons and pins. When we got back to our room there were pictures and certificates waiting for us. It was a day they will never forget. Thank you Disney World for making this magical moment happen for our girls!
-- Joann Farina

My daughter had a "magical moment" when she got to introduce the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. She received a certificate signed by Ariel and Prince Eric (autographs that we are told are hard to get). As a theater person, she took "her lines" very seriously and was thrilled to "be on the mic"....
-- Mary from Cincinnati

On my wife's birthday we went on Cinderella's Golden Carrousel at 11:45. As we waited in line, a cast member came up to us and selected our daughter Kristina to be honorary princess for the rest of the day and the next as well! She was seated on Cinderella's own horse, and was announced to all riders who were told to bow to her whenever they saw her. Although as a teenager she professed to be embarrassed, she looked happy anyway.
--Victor Vitek

When we returned from Disney it was hard to let go of the magic, but we had to get back to real life. Several months later our doorbell rang -- we had registered mail from the Walt Disney World Dream Squad. It was a Year of a Million Dreams pin and lanyard set. Talk about feeling special. Just when we thought the magic couldn't get any better another package arrived at our door. The Dream Squad sent a set of Year of a Million Dreams Mickey ears. Thank you so much to all the wonderful cast members at Disney World and the Dream Squad. We feel like we have been sprinkled with a little pixie dust and what a great feeling that is.
-- Shana Giles

We had many magical moments on our recent trip to Disney World. On our last day in the world, we were walking up Main Street just a bit sad because it was our last day. Just as we got to the castle we were stopped and asked if we wanted to be in a parade. Of course we said YES! We came back later and were the Grand Marshals in the Family Fun Day parade. We rode in a fire truck up Main Street. Being in a Magic Kingdom parade is truly a dream come true.
-- April Larson

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